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Friday, May 2, 2008

Pride Fall

Yesterday, in a Borders check-out line, the Tongginator made eyes at an attractive, middle-aged Asian man who stood two people behind us in line. She really thought he was cute, I guess!

TONGGINATOR: Momma, can I go and talk to him?

TONGGU MOMMA: Okay, honey bear. Stay where I can see you.

(First, let me just say that her question brought a huge smile to my face. Anyone who struggled in the past with performance-oriented attachment issues knows why I'm loving life right now.) The Tongginator walked a few feet closer to the man.

TONGGINATOR: Hello. My name is the Tongginator. What's your name?

Well, hello there. My name is Mr. Customer. How are you?

TONGGINATOR: I am well, thank you for asking.

Oh, it makes a momma proud! So polite!

MR. CUSTOMER: How old are you, Tongginator?

TONGGINATOR: I am four. Are you an old person? Or no? Because you look old. Sort of. I can't tell. Are you old?

Did I just say I was proud? Um... scratch that.





Anonymous said...

Too funny. The Tongginator sounds like quite a handful! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I am getting a kick out of reading yours!

Another Tonggu Mama

prechrswife said...

That is so funny! I'm telling you, I think the Tongginator is a vision of what Mary Joyce will be like in 2 years or so. :-)

Lisa said...

So cute. Dontcha love moments that make you proud and cringe all in one fell swoop?

CC said...

Wow! Those language and inter-personal skills sound incredible! She's one smart cookie! (no offense to your post below)

Shelley said...

Ah...the amazing inflating...and deflating Mommy buttons!! I think they do that just to keep us on our toes! Gotta love those little Tonginators!!


Gerbil said...