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Friday, May 30, 2008

Hey Is For Horses

I believe I've mentioned before that I'm a city gal, y'all.


I think that was Quite Evident yesterday.

The Tongginator and I visited a horse farm along with Canuck K, Strawberry, their girls and an entire MOPS brigade who had yet to meet me. These strangers all formed an excellent first impression of me.


I, in my infinite wisdom, wore these:


I know.

Well, I didn't know then (obviously), but I do now.

Because I spend the morning dodging this:

And - even worse - this:

I wanted to hit myself in the head several times during the tour, but that would Require Concentration. Unfortunately, I needed to expend all of my energy performing a new little game I like to call Search and Destroy Avoid Horse Poop.

Just so y'all know... I was successful.

Because I am graceful motivated like that.

And there will never be a repeat performance.

Because I will never again enter the perimeter of a horse farm.

And I don't make this decision because of my footwear. I'm notorious for making unwise shoe choices, but I do try to learn from my mistakes. If The Incident hadn't occurred, I'd simply wear better shoes next time.

However, The Incident did occur.

It all began when I thought, 'Oh, how cute! I want a few pictures of them.'


That's when HE approached me:

He tried to eat me, y'all.

When that failed, he tried to eat my purse.

And then my camera.


I did what any self-respecting city gal would do... I ran away.

Far, far away.

As I said earlier, I will never again enter into the foreign world that is a rural Horse Farm.

Because hay "Hey!!!!!" is for horses.


Perhaps I will return.

After all, only at a horse farm can you see beauty such as this:


Aunt LoLo said...

Hehehehehe - at least they're cute!

Cheri H said...

LOL, I'm not sure I would have thought about the shoes either! Maybe but I'm not sure.Love the pictures.

prechrswife said...

Love that last picture! :-)

Gerbil said...

on the other hand, those are easy to hose off.

but ew, horse spit (and I'm not so much a city gal). love to ride but keep your horse spit to yourself, thankyeverramuch.

Is the Tonginnator now lobbying for a pony???

Debbie said...

Thank you for making me laugh today. I imagined Carrie Bradshaw going country!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

See... that bottom photo makes it all worth it... take care