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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Great Wall Trauma

When we traveled to Beijing in 2005, I felt so excited that we'd be able to walk along the Great Wall of China. It's one of the eight wonders of the world... something recognized by a large percentage of the world's population with just a glance at a photograph.



We traveled to the Great Wall on February 26. For those of you not thinking fast on your feet (which included me at the time), this means winter weather.

Like snow.

And ice.

I, in my infinite wisdom, wore slippery-soled loafers on my gigantic feet.


That DIDN'T work for me.

Do you see me clutching and clinging to the wall in abject terror?

I spent the hours-long, once-in-a-lifetime event clinging to the wall and inching my way past piles of minuscule amounts of snow and ice. I also watched others in our travel group tackle the wall at a fast clip, most especially Mrs. Fish and OneFish, who wore sensible shoes and acted as polar opposites to me on the athletic prowess continuum. The Husband showed me infinite patience that day, sticking with me as I slowly shuffled along the icy stone steps.

So, in my humble opinion, when you plan to see something as amazing as one of the eight wonders of the world, be sure to wear sensible shoes.

If your sense of fashion simply can't handle sensible shoes, and you feel you MUST wear Cute Shoes, be prepared to:


Cheri H said...

LOL, I did slip carefully on that wall! We went in December and there was no snow and ice but I too wore the wrond shoes! I went down on my bum not good since I had neck surgery 12wks before! LOL

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I really look forward to climbing that wall... a life long wish for me... take care

prechrswife said...

LOL! Love the "Slip carefully" sign! :-) I wore sensible shoes, but did not devote enough time to my pre-travel exercise regime. I was very sadly out of shape. (I also aggravated an old knee injury and spent a lot of time limping for the rest of our 2 weeks in China, but that is another story.)

Becoming Me said...

Oh my goodness. How funny and not funny. Love the sign!

CC said...

Ha ha ha! Great sign!

Gerbil said...

now that's truth in advertising!