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Friday, May 23, 2008

For the Birds

On Sunday, less than 24 hours after the Dragon Boat Festival fiasco, we headed to Camden Yards in Baltimore for a first-ever baseball game experience for the Tongginator and her cousins Snickers and 100 Grand.


Only it rained the entire afternoon.

So if you ask the Tongginator what a professional baseball game entails, she'll probably rhapsodize about the hot dogs, soft pretzels, Boardwalk fries and ice cream. She might even mention the crowds, the color orange, the rain tarp and the Jumbotron.

The only thing she'll fail to mention is baseball.

Probably because she didn't see any part of the game.

Although not for lack of trying:

We waited almost an hour in the rain for the game to start before finally giving up. The Tongginator spent said hour stuffing her face and fiercely clenching food in her hands so that she didn't drop anything, thereby giving it up to the birds. She didn't enjoy that rain, but oh, how she savored an Uncle Teddy's Pretzel. Her cousins, Snickers and 100 Grand, also loved the food, so much so that Tonggu Grammy made 100 Grand save his empty cotton candy tub... just in case.

At some point, however, the food no longer worked to distract. One can only eat so much, even when one is a gluttonous child (as 100 Grand thoroughly verified). Leaving early proved to be a good choice, since rain delayed the game for almost three hours.

Three hours, y'all.

In the rain.

With a four-year-old.

No, thank you.

This embarrassingly boring post, the result of a rather miserable day, shall be greatly improved by a photo of the Colonel (my daddy), who continues to humiliate his offspring, even at this late date.

Just so you know: he's dancing... badly.

I will also greatly improve this post with a few comments about the food at Camden Yards.

Because the Husband is a foodie, y'all.

And so is the Tongginator.

If you ever happen to visit America's first modern baseball stadium, know that you are entering Stadium Food Greatness. Foodies everywhere tout Camden Yards as having the best ballpark food in the nation.


While there to stuff your face watch a game, be sure to check out Attman's Delicatessen, the 3rd Base Deli, Boog Powell's Pit Beef BBQ, Uncle Teddy's Pretzel stand, Boardwalk Fries and the stadium's famous Camden Yards Crabcakes (yes, this link is for the recipe). They all receive rave reviews!

Good thing, since the Orioles baseball team rarely does. Although they did on Sunday.

Or so I heard.


discombobulated said...

Would not have recognized The Colonel at all in the first picture if you hadn't labeled it. I'm sorry it rained. Maybe WE can try it again this summer.

Cajunchic said...

Since I dislike baseball but love food that sounds like my kind of game.

Janet said...


Briana's Mom said...

So sorry about the rain! All Briana would have cared about was the food anyway! LOL!

Debz said...

Sorry it rained, the food would have compensated for me. ;O)
I'd have to taste test it all!