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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Not in a million years did I ever believe my daughter would walk out of the house wearing a two-piece b.athing suit. I never raised my eyebrows at b.ikini-clad preschoolers, I simply thought a one-piece more appropriate.

Actually, if I had my druthers, the Tongginator would wear one of these:

Because Tonggu Momma is all about modesty.

Then I met the Tongginator.

And I faced two uphill battles.

The first battle became an all-out war when the Tongginator was three-years-old. You see, manufacturers don't make snaps on size 3T and above b.athing suits. Not a huge deal for most, but for a child with sensory issues... well, let's just say that I'd likely face an easier opponent when wrestling an alligator. Sliding a wet, clinging b.athing suit down the legs of a wriggling, screaming child with sensory processing disorder does not make for happy times. Especially when said child really, really, really needs to pee use the facilities.

The second battle is one I fear I will face over the course of the next decade. The Tongginator, like so many Asian-American beauties, doesn't exactly - how shall I put this delicately? - have much junk in her trunk. Her weight (size 2T or 3T) and height (between a size 4 and a size 5) makes for tedious shopping experiences, especially as it relates to swim wear.

Do I want her belly to show?

Or do I want something else to show?

If you don't understand what I mean when I say something else, let me illustrate the point:

Obviously Peaches and Cream suffer from this same affliction. Their momma Strawberry agonizes over the Swimsuit Conundrum yearly as well. She usually goes with option B, however, because Peaches and Cream feel Tremendous Stress when others see their belly buttons. No, we have no clue as to why that is.

It's a dilemma Strawberry and I both face every year during our annual Swimsuit Quests. Canuck K faces it as well, although to a slightly lesser extent. I usually purchase two swimsuits - one Rash Guard ensemble for public excursions and one tankini for backyard romping. I'd stick with the Rash Guard exclusively, but, unfortunately, they always come as mock turtlenecks... yet another sensory issue for our little Tongginator.

So I relent and order at least one tankini for backyard romping. Only this year she grew about an inch in the torso between the time of purchase and Memorial Day.

Which means her newly purchased almost-a-tankini became a definite and obvious b.ikini.

Oh, well.

She's always been one to stand out in a crowd.

Peaches and Cream, Spice, the Tongginator and Cinnamon

Can't you just fast forward ten or fifteen years and see our little girls as teenage beauties?

Hopefully time won't fly...


Cheri H said...

OH how I feel your pain! I don't let any of my older girls wear two pieces and I am afraid that Lia may be the first with a two piece. She is 2 1/2 and is in a 3T-4T bathing suit because of her long torso. She is 2in. shorter than my almost 4 yr old! Oh and taking anything off that is wet! YIKES!

Aunt LoLo said...

Hahahaha...I'm failing to see how Ms. Tongginator stands out in that particular crowd...though I can see your point about the trunks. I don't think BBJ will have that issue...unfortunately. Poor child. Tankinis work for us...mostly because her torso seems crazy long and anything else gives her this sort of all over wedgie that IS not pretty....

Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

Love the picture of the girls on the beach towel!!!

I hear ya! Almost all clothing is an issue right now... but the swimsuit is the worse... however, it might not be a problem here - if it doesn't stop raining and start warming up! ha!

discombobulated said...

Too cute. Reminds of the summers at the pool...when we lacked junk in the trunk.

Janet said...

I'm with ya, sister. I usually go for a modest tankini. Covers the top, only a little tummy, and they can get out of it fast, lest they have to...well, pee.

Gerbil said...

My older son insisted on wearing a tshirt in the pool until he was about 8. he hated having anyone see his babare stomach, i have no idea why.

I have no solutions... unless maybe Lands End? they were always good about having suits that cover what they needed to...

Cajunchic said...

Maybe it is a sensory issue. lol I am constantly telling Monkette to pull her panties or her bathing suit out of her bottom. Can you see saying that in public? lol This year I found a really modest one piece with a little skirt over the bottom at Kohl's. Perfect since now i do not have to worry about the world seeing her bottom.

Becoming Me said...

Too cute. Seems like you made the best choice in a gray area! Youa re a good mama!

Alyson & Ford said...

Too cute!! I haven't encountered this problem yet; I'll check back next summer!!

Alyson LID 01/27/06