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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Asians Rock This Month

Did you know that May is Asian-American Month? Me neither. At least, I didn't know until this year. Or, if I did know before, I forgot.

But it is.

Asian-American Month, that is.

So, in honor of Asian American Month, here is a wonderful and short video about what it means to be an Asian American, featuring many famous faces you'll recognize.

Oh, and am I a horrible mother because I forgot this?


Aunt LoLo said...

No, you're not a bad Mama - Asians rock every month. We know that! Asia Month is to remind everyone ELSE. ;-)

Oh, and Ms. Tongginator looks BOMB. It's a real fashion statement. ;-) (BBJ is running around in a blanket...tied around her top...and nothing else. I feel your pain. Daddy got her dressed this morning.)

goodfountain said...

Really good video! I'm glad you shared it.

And I love The Tongginator's fashion sense. She's stylin'!! Compared to Chee, though, she is seriously modest. Chee feels no need to wear undies. At all. Throw on the fairy princess outfit with the see-thru tutu ... and there's a lot to see.

I do hope this is a short phase!!

Gerbil said...

My husband's response was "Hey, we rock ALL THE TIME". And then launched into some air guitar.

Dawn said...

I had no idea. Thanks for the video.

kathleen m. said...

momma tonggu,

thank you for visiting my blog - waiting for natalie. Now I'm trying to figure out who your "alter" is! I saw this video and commented on it on RQ...possible connection?

I do love your blog, momma - your writing style is very engaging.