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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

As Cool As Elmo

One of our many Weekend Wonderfulness events with the Fish Five family involved a little corner of the world that Mass Marketers like to call Sesame Place. If you've never visited Sesame Place in eastern Pennsylvania, imagine Sesame Street, complete with a few sound stages, alongside an indoor tot lot on steroids, with a water park added for good measure.

I mean, just in case you get bored.

If you have ADD or something.

The Fish Five became season members of Sesame Place this year, so we attended Opening Day with all the naivety of parents who rarely do anything Extra-Special with their children. Mrs. Fish, One Fish, the Husband and I ALL thought, 'oooh, fun. We'll go take some pictures with Big Bird and Elmo.' Ha! We didn't realize the Sesame Place crowds proportionally rival the horde at Disney World.

Only the children are also a tad younger.

Which means Stroller Derby Chaos.

And Screaming.

Lots of Screaming.

We managed to have fun anyway because we are easy-going like that.

Okay, maybe the Husband, Mrs. Fish, OneFish, RedFish and BlueFish are easy-going like that. TwoFish, myself and the Tongginator fall into a whole other category, but we were outnumbered, so it still worked.

Sort of.

But only because we kept the visit short. And because we watched Big Bird's Beach Party.

Which was Quite Cute, y'all.

RedFish ........ Sesame Friends ........ BlueFish

The most memorable part of the day involved a Tonggu Momma Stupidity Moment. It went something like this...

TONGGINATOR: (pointing vaguely towards the stage) Momma, can I please go do that?

: Of course, honey bear. You can get closer.

I thought the Tongginator, like two dozen other children, would do this...

Which she did... for all of about five seconds.

Then she took off.

Because when she asked me "can I please go do that?," she didn't mean "can I join the other children who are standing right up against the stage?"

Not our Tongginator.

When the Tongginator asked "can I please go do that?," she meant "can I perform on the stage with my friends from Sesame Street, wiggling my booty and trying to look as Cool as Elmo?"

Which she did... for all of about five seconds.

Yes, you read that correctly. The Tongginator actually made it onto the stage and performed a few brief Booty Call moves. Her fifteen minutes of fame only lasted about five seconds, however.

Why so short a time?

Well, while the Tongginator DID successfully evade the clutches of the Employee Who Failed to Do Her Job Acting as Bouncer, the Tongginator didn't escape the clutches of Tonggu Momma.

Because I am fast, y'all.

Really fast.

But not fast enough to take a picture and grab her at the same time.

Plus, in the heat of the moment, several Sesame Place employees glaring at me feels a lot more important than y'all in BloggyLand. So I didn't feel it ethical to pause first to take a photo and THEN grab her.

Yes, I regret that now.

I apologize.

Maybe next time.

Because, knowing our Tongginator, there WILL be a next time.


I'm longing for the days when I traveled incognito. Alas, that forever changed during our first Tongginator Airplane Incident. I fear I can never return to Invisibility.

I'm going to have to start dressing better.


discombobulated said...

Last sentence is great! I'll lend you my D&B purse!
I remember Sesame Place. I loved it- only went there once.
Please make your pictures a priority- your bloggyfriends can pool together to help you make bail if ever the occasion should arise.

Gerbil said...

(roars with laughter) My word, that girl is going to rule the world someday.

Dawn said...

I never knew there was such a place. I would love to go there. I love Sesame Street. Oh, my kids do, too.

Since you don't have a picture of the incident, I can only imagine how funny it was. She was just having too much fun.

prechrswife said...

Oh, my! Funny, but I would have been mortified. :-)

prechrswife said...

Okay, I'm sorry for posting twice, but I just read the airplane story. ROFLOL! That is hilarious. :-)

Becoming Me said...

Ohhh, I went to Sesame place as a kid (pre Elmo)and loved it, I want to take my kids there sometime. Looks like you had a blast. I grew up in PA, near Harrisburg

Tonggu Grammy said...

As the Tongginator's Grammy, I can safely say that there will be many more opportunities for you to ruin her good time. She has TOLD you that she wants to "do that" every time she sees anything on stage. I say give up and get her an agent!

Tonggu Grammy said...

Hey, Discombobulated, do we really want to make bail for Tonggu Momma? I think the blog entries might be more interesting if we left her there for a few days. Tonggu Daddy would rescue the Tongginator so we wouldn't have to worry about her.

Cajunchic said...

Ok I am sorry but I was rolling here. She sounds like such a character.