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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Vinegar Goodness

The Tongginator and I ate at Subway for lunch today. We always order a foot-long BMT to split: lettuce and tomatoes on my side; cucumber slices, cheese, oregano and pepper, but not salt, across the entire twelve inches.

Oh, we also enjoy a slight amount of oil/vinegar mix drizzled over all of that Goodness.

Only sometimes that oil and vinegar combination doesn't taste *All That.* Sometimes it tastes a bit *Not That* because our own personal Sandwich Expert fails to shake up the bottle enough. Sometimes I bite into the sandwich, or the Tongginator does, and we come away feeling slimy from too much oil, or puckered from an excess of vinegar. That didn't happen today, thank goodness, but you never really know. You take a chance with each and every bite.

Today, however, our BMT lived up to its Goodness Reputation.

As I sat enjoying my sandwich, and coaxing the Tongginator to speed things along (since she is The World's Slowest Eater), my mind couldn't help but focus on that oil/ vinegar conundrum. It got me thinking about something that happened yesterday. Something Good.

If you read this blog with any regularity, you pretty much know that the Tongginator and I are a lot like oil and vinegar. (Guess which one of us is the vinegar? Hint: It ain't the four-year-old.) The Tongginator and I don't always mix well. We have very different personalities and interests, plus we have the added benefit of being polar opposites on the sensory processing disorder scale.

Yesterday, however, was a Good Day.

The Tongginator acted like her cute and Oily Little Self; and I pretty much remained at my Vinegary Best. But for some reason... oh, I don't know -- let's call Him God... we mixed well yesterday.

So much so that a woman at the grocery store stopped me to share, "I just wanted you to know I've been watching you with your daughter. And it is so good to see a parent enjoying their child. I'm usually so sad when I run my weekly errands, and see parents with their children. But today you made my week."



The next time I feel a *Not That* day coming on, I'm going to stop and ask God to give the Tongginator and I a little shake. Because I don't want to spend our day taking a chance on each moment. I want to know we are going to be *All That.*

Not only will it brighten our day, it might brighten someone else's day, too.


discombobulated said...

Great story! Pick-me-uppers are always good.

discombobulated said...

Perfect metaphor as well.

Special K said...

Wow... that's a great story. And great that the lady shared it with you. :)

RDC said...

thanks for your comments on my daughter cassia!! Didnt know if anyone ever read it. I too am awaiting my 2nd daughter but this time its from Ethiopia.