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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thankfully Mysterious

A recent e-mail exchange with Krista at A Million Miles to Mia brought to my attention the freakishness of my whole on-line Mystery Persona. Obviously my name ain't Tonggu Momma, the Husband has an actual name, and the Tongginator doesn't answer to screams of an attention-getting tone of voice saying, "Tongginator!"

Well, actually, she does.

But only on rare occasions.

Most people who read this blog don't know who I am In Real Life. I've e-mailed a handful of friends and relatives with the blog address, but they tend to not read here, or simply to not comment (except for discombobulated and Tonggu Grammy). Others who've never met me don't know my Real Name unless I've won something from their blog (hint, hint - take your cues from MommyCracked!), or they've e-mailed me on a regular basis begging for the information because they're bored like that.

So don't feel out of the loop.

Anyways, I'm going to try to be nice and add a few more photographs to the blog depicting the Husband and I... face shots so you feel more "connected" to us. Here they are:

I realize it's difficult to tell who is who, so I'll spare you from having to ask... I'm on the left and the Husband is on the right.

Don't you feel so much closer to us now?


Okay, how about if I further humiliate myself?

This is a picture of yours truly at the age of nine. How do I know I'm exactly nine in this photo? Well, that's easy: it's because that was the year I was in-between the well-known Dorothy Hamill haircut and the "what the heck was I thinking?" bowl cut.

Which ended up being not that bad of a hairstyle, considering I followed up the bowl cut with the infamous afro in seventh grade, which I then tried to gracefully grow out by disguising with Farrah Fawcett wings. For future reference, when someone you love decides to perm their hair, and said hair rests at ear level, talk them out of it.

Please... as a kindness to me.

Now onto the thankfulness part of this post.

Because I do believe it's important to thank God on a regular basis.

Thank you, God, that Tonggu Momma, the Husband and the Tongginator are Persons of Mystery in BloggyLand. Because there is no way I want the General Public to know that I ... me ... Tonggu Momma In Real Life ... ever looked that bad. I may be a shlumpadinka, but I still have some pride. I have standards. And I draw the line at a Farrah Fawcett afro.

Secondly, thank you Lord for creating hair that continually grows, even if said hair starts growing in gray. Because there is really nothing worse than an afro when you don't actually want an afro.

And finally God, I also send Huge Thanks Your Way because neither the Husband nor I look like that anymore.


Thank you.


Shelley said...

I know who you are!!!!


Dawn said...

That is too funny showing the baby pictures of you and your husband, especially having to point out who is who.

Special K said...

I had a Dorothy Hamill cut too! I think we all did. And I tried to rock the FF feathered bangs. They didn't look so great on me though...

But I can honestly say... never did the Afro look. I bet that was interesting. What? No pics of that?

CC said...

Cute baby pics! And I looked a good deal like you in that lower pic when I was younger too!