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Monday, April 21, 2008

Tag! You're It!

So... CajunChick over at The Simple Cajun Life tagged me for a meme.

The rules:
1. Post 3 random things about yourself.
2. Link to the person who tagged you in your post.
3. Tag at least 5 other bloggers.
4. Let them know you've tagged them by commenting on their blog with an invite to participate.

Well, we all know I'm a Rule Follower, plus I like CajunChick, so of course I will comply. However, I thought it might be more humiliating painful interesting if the Husband offered up three random facts about me. Here they are, in all of their slightly embarrassing glory, direct from the Husband's mouth:

1. One of Tonggu Momma's least favorite things to do is clothes shopping, and she is unimpressed with flashy jewelry. Is it any wonder that I love her? We save Big Bucks because of this.

2. Tonggu Momma has exceptionally long thigh bones. For whatever reason, her femurs are often longer than the femurs of a person who stands over six feet. She's tall, but she isn't that tall, which makes the thigh bone thing totally weird!

3. Tonggu Momma's idea of camping is a hotel with TV, indoor plumbing and air conditioning. She also places white water rafting, camping, fishing, skiing, etc. in the same category as clothes shopping and accessorizing. As a guy who once walked across a glacier, this is slightly annoying. Also, it's why I'm puzzled by yesterday's e-mail from Mrs. Fish, asking us if we want to join them on a white water rafting trip in June. Mrs. Fish, I'd love to go, but we only have about nine weeks to work on Tonggu Momma. Let's see if we can change her mind... maybe if we convince her it will make a GREAT blog entry!

It's Tonggu Momma again. These are SO not the things I would have chosen to share with the general BloggyLand public, especially number two. However, (wince) they are all true.

Now... the fun part! Who should I torture choose bless today?

Tag! You're It! (And why...)

1. Deb at Sophie's World (Deb and her husband Chris take AMAZING photographs... plus, Deb's daughter Sophie is another Tonggu gal who happens to love Doggy, too)
2. Veronica Mitchell at Toddled Dredge (okay, so I don't know if Veronica is a tag kind-of-woman, but I really love her blog -- she's an excellent writer, as you can see from this post, and this one, and this one, and... well, I'll just let you read for yourself)
3. Krista at A Million Miles to Mia (I know, I know: everyone waiting to adopt from China tags Krista, but she is SUCH fun! Plus, she's a fellow JuneBug -- that means she's been waiting to adopt from China since June 2006, the same as our family)
4. Donna at Waiting for Lauren Elizabeth (because she's been waiting a long, long time for her first child from China, and she's nearly there, so if I don't catch her now, she'll be too busy to tag during the next go around)
5. Rachel Anne at Home Sanctuary (because I'm a Company Girl, albeit a slightly delinquent one, and I still know so little about her)

There are lots of other people I wanted to tag, like Gerbil (but she's too busy playing Zim Zam these days) and Janet (but she's too busy adopting from Uganda this week) and Aunt LoLo (but she's too busy getting ready to move) and... well, you get the picture...


Aunt LoLo said...

Hahaha...thanks for the shout out. ;-) I check meme's like I check Give Away results...but my name is never picked! (Except that Give Away I won from Marie at Make n' Takes! Yea!)

Thanks. You just made my day! (I'm a twin...we like to see our names in print. Makes us feel all unique and stuff!)

Besides, I don't have any extra long thigh bones to impress anyone with. ;-)

Cajunchic said...

Well we are alike in #1. I will have to tell hubby that even though he swears I am I am not the only woman who does not like to shop for clothes.

discombobulated said...

You must go white water rafting! We made a girls' trip out of it a couple of years ago and it was so much fun! The girls I was with do not like dirt, bugs, or anything yucky. We had a beautiful cabin with all the works.

Special K said...

Oh gee... you shouldn't have. No I mean you really shouldn't have. LOL!

I'll try to find some time to do this but it may take a few days.

Anonymous said...

Okay. I just did mine.

Chris & Deb said...

thanks for the meme....I am not sure I will get around to posting mine....our lives are so hectic and it can go weeks in between posts. Thanks for thinking of me though! Hope you are doing well....especially with the incredily looonnnng wait! Hang in there!