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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Scrabble Zest

Oh, I love me a good game of Scrabble.

The Husband hates it. My sister KitKat, another Scrabble devote, has four children and no time for board games. Momma Wolfie (AKA Tonggu Grammy), who taught me to love the game, lives over an hour away. This poses somewhat of a problem.

At least, it did until last night.

Last night, I discovered that my neighbor Apple (of Wii and doodling fame) loves HER a good game of Scrabble. AND she's assembled a core group of Scrabble lovers. I am now officially in love with my neighbor Apple!

I learned of Apple's love affair with Scrabble late in the afternoon yesterday when she casually let slip their GNIPS plans for the evening (that would be Girls Night In Playing Scrabble). Oh, I felt so excited. And also very sad... because the Husband and I previously made dinner plans with Yankee and Brit.

You should know - I really love Yankee and Brit. I love their daughters Doodle and Dandy. But I wasn't sure if I loved them more than Scrabble. It took some time to decide. In the end, they won out, which tells you how highly I adore them.

You may be wondering why I played Scrabble last night if I chose the Macaroni family over letter tiles. Well, it all stems from my failures as Momma to the Tongginator.

You see, on the way out the door, as we put on shoes and Non-Stolen, Cute Spring Jackets, I asked the Tongginator to use the bathroom. She declined, rather defiantly, saying she didn't have to go. I raised my eyebrow in that Mom Look we all know and love. She rather sassily returned that look with, "I KNOW when I need to go."

I knew better.

And I usually don't let these things slide.

But we were late.

And she is four now, and responsible for her own little self.


We arrived at the restaurant and placed our name on the list. This is important because it informs you that at least a DOZEN people stood near us. About two minutes into the wait, before the Macaroni family even arrived, I saw the Tongginator do a quick dance and then freeze.

And I knew.

And I slightly lost it.

Not because the Tongginator had an accident. Never for that. I lost it because I asked the Tongginator to use the bathroom not ten minutes before, and she Gave Me Tremendous Attitude. I explained that fact to her, although she already knew since the first words out of her mouth spewed forth in a piteous wail, "I lied to Momma."

After five minutes of Crisis Accident Management, we realized we did not have the necessary tools on hand to adequately deal with the problem, so we called Brit to ask for a rain check. He said "of course" because he is great like that.

We left the restaurant walking through the gauntlet of Judgmental Looks, since five minutes before they overheard me say, in a frustrated tone of voice, "Piglet, did you just pee in your pants?" It doesn't help that the Tongginator looks a full year younger than her actual age.


When we arrived home, the Husband offered to salvage the evening by officiating the dinner/ bath/ bed routine while I slipped out to enjoy me a good game of Scrabble. (Of course this makes him sound even more saint-like, but you should know he offered this only to remove me from the house. He wanted to watch the Charlton Heston movie Khartoum. Now, I actually love me a good war movie, too, but for some reason this one just doesn't rate in my book.)

When I arrived at Apple's house, the GNIPS gals looked very startled. I explained the situation, complete with my Regrettable Pee Reaction, and they understood, unlike the Judgers Standing Outside the Restaurant. HUDHoney (yes, she works for HUD) even soothed me by saying, "I've never, ever heard you lose it with the Tongginator."


She just doesn't know me all that well.

But it made me feel better.

I watched for awhile since the GNIPS gals were half-way through with their second game. FriendOfApple was falling behind. It stressed her a bit. She asked me for help, so I scooted over and rearranged some tiles. Then I pointed to a place on the board and, wham:

Yes, that would be "Zest/ Leis" for 46 points!

FriendOfApple loudly exclaimed, "Thank you, Tongginator, for peeing in your pants!"

And the night went on from there.

As I said earlier, I love me a good game of Scrabble.

And now, I love my neighbor Apple.

I don't, however, love pee... or my reaction to it.


Aunt LoLo said...

Hahaha...at least she knew what the BIG issue was! Good girl. ;-) And yeah, going to the bathroom before leaving the house was NEVER optional when I was growing up. I think it actually made a conditioned response - picture five kids with the sudden, uncontrollable urge to pee...every time they heard a car engine start up. ;-)

Veronica Mitchell said...

I love scrabble, too. My husband plays with me sometimes, and crows with delight if he beats me.

Have you tried scrabulous.com? You can play online against a robot or against other people.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Oooh! Now I love Veronica, too!!!! That site is fabulous.

discombobulated said...

Poor little Piglet!
This post was too weird for me. I spent my entire childhood embarrassed that my parents were Scrabble champions and traveled to Scrabble tournaments. My dad worked for HUD, too!
Anyway, if my mom is lagging behind in reading your blog, I bet if I tell her there is a Scrabble post, she'll tune right in. She'll probably want to know what the other letters on the rack were at the time to see if you made the best choice, which, by the looks of things, you did. Do you know there is money to be had in plays like that? !
You are so funny- you moved the tiles aside to boast your triple word score with the "Z" for the camera!
Oh, and I've been meaning to ask, do you ever NOT have your camera?