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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ladybug Drama

The Tongginator loves all things ladybug. No, this is not something I encouraged. I know many of you might not believe me, what with the China adoption community's fascination with ladybugs, but I truly didn't push this particular theme at all. (Now pandas ... pandas I admit to. Also to classic Winnie-the Pooh. And perhaps even a Hanna Andersson and Gymboree obsession. But not ladybugs.)

The most beloved of the Tongginator's ladybug items came from a rather unlikely source: our friend Lizard. (Don't lizards eat ladybugs?) Lizard saw the rain boots and just knew how cute the Tongginator would look in them. She proved herself correct. Oh, how the Tongginator loves loved her ladybug rain boots.

She lost them last week. Not literally, of course, since the Tongginator insists on a place for everything and everything in its place. She lost them ... forever ... due to a highly public temper tantrum.

I can now say I've joined the ranks of parents who require the services of Super Nanny. Well, perhaps I don't actually need her, but I'm sure the entire staff and clientele of our local Chic-Fil-A sincerely believes they should immediately rush to dial Nanny 911. (If you do, ask for Stella Reid, as she's our favorite, since she grew up in Burnley. Go Clarets!)

Last Thursday we ate lunch at Chic-Fil-A with our friends Tic and Tac as well as Yin and Yang. The Tongginator received a five minute warning just before we needed to leave. She and her friend Yang decided they did not wish to leave. When their five minutes ended, Tac came obediently to her mother while the Tongginator chose to run away from me and try to ascend the climber. Yang also decided she controlled the start-and-stop time, but her method of distraction involved shoving her face into her mom Yin's personal space and screaming as loudly as possible.

Oh, we were a sight to behold.

The entire restaurant stopped and stared. I do not exaggerate. Even the employees behind the counter froze in terror morbid fascination. It almost felt like everything moved in slow-motion, in order to further humiliate me give me more reason to laugh at myself later.

When the Tongginator reached the bottom rung of the climber, I called out the dreaded Three Names, which stopped the Tongginator in her tracks. She turned to scowl at me, but responded oh-so-slowly to my request to retrieve her rain boots. Once she stood a foot away from her boots, she crossed her arms, looked over her shoulder to glare ice cubes at me and refused to budge.

In the meantime, Yang continued to scream while her classmate Tac looked around in bemusement. And yes, I can now say I have personally witnessed a tantrum worthy of the Super Nanny.


Back to my own personal parenting drama, which looked no better. I told the Tongginator, "We are leaving. You need to put those boots on your feet RIGHT NOW." The Tongginator glanced at Yang, stiffened her resolve and shook her head no. Then she tried to sprint past me.

I snatched her up and said, "Oh, no. This is so sad. We have to leave now, and you don't have your ladybug boots. It's unfortunate you refused to put them on your feet because now we don't have time to get them. They will just have to stay here. That means they no longer belong to you."

It took a minute for the shock to set in.

I carried the Tongginator out of Chic-Fil-A while Yin continued to corral Yang. I'm fairly certain Tic quietly slipped away with Tac. I'm only surprised she didn't place a paper bag over her head. (And yes, Tic also secretively absconded with the ladybug rain boots, to give to me at a later date. The Tongginator will never wear them again, but Mythical Baby in China will eventually grow into them. They are cute, after all.)

All I could think as I drove home, while the Tongginator screamed horrifically in the backseat vented her frustrations, was:

Oh, my goodness. Amy was right. I am now THAT mother.

I'm not sure if we'll ever return to Chic-Fil-A.

A shame, really.

I love their fries. Sob.


Janet said...

Oh dear. One of THOSE days, was it? Gotta love those.

Aunt LoLo said...

Good heavens - you're one of THOSE mothers.

WAY TO GO, YOU! That's awesome. I hope Tonginnator learned a lesson...I would have been second guessing myself and crying the whole way home.

When I grow up, I want to be just like you!!

myrnie_twin said...

Wowweee... good for you!

Gerbil said...

yep. had my fair share of those days, including one where grbso was flinging his shoes into a bush and the road in an effort to distract me. gooooooood times.

bugs parents said...

There's always the Chic-Fil-A drive-through!

Special K said...

Is this what I have to look forward to?! I might have to re-think this parenting thing. LOL!

JujuBoo said...

I bet the next time she is told you are leaving she will not throw a fit like that again. My girls have "lost" numerous prized possessions due to their inability to follow what I say. Most have been packed away in my closet and they may be found someday when I feel they have earned them back.