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Monday, April 14, 2008

Just Waiting...

We've now reached Month 22 in our epic China adoption wait. When we began paperchasing in January 2006, the current wait was eight months. Since then, the CCAA drastically slowed down its process. Families like ours continue to hang on by a very thin red thread (which is a "little" thing I like to call God's perfect timing).

Last night, as I tucked the Tongginator into bed, she said, "Momma, I'm having a really, really hard time waiting for my mei mei (妹 妹 : little sister) in China."

Me, too, honey bear. Me, too.


CC said...

big hugs! What a horrible, horrible wait :( :(

Cajunchic said...

Oh I am so sorry. That has to be horrible. I almost cried reading about your little one.

Cheri H said...

I feel for all of you still in this nightmare of a wait! We started paperchasing around the same time you did an ended up LID 5/16/06. Praying for all of you still waiting. Your little Tongginators statement brought tears to my eyes! ((HUGS))

Special K said...

Still waiting right there with ya.
Happy 22 months to us!
Well, "happy" is kind of a relative term....I guess.

Wonder if we'll be in China at the same time? You'll know me... but I won't have a clue what you look like. So just come up and introduce yourself, okay? Or maybe I'll recognize the sweatshirts. LOL!