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Sunday, April 27, 2008

An Empty Home

Our bat house continues to sit empty after four long years. We've waited each spring with bated breath, hoping against hope that a new Momma Bat will discover the love to be found at the Tonggu Bat Haven. Alas, it hasn't happened, despite our best efforts.

(Many of you might be wondering at this point, 'why do they want bats living at their back door?' I have just one word for you: mosquitoes. Enough said.)

It's nearing the end of April. Our bat house remains empty for yet another season. I can't help feeling disappointed and frustrated at the same time.

I wonder if this is how God feels when He prepares a room for us, yet we fail to come home. I'm reminded of the Parable of the Great Banquet, when the Master hosts a wonderful party, and the invited guests fail to attend because they are "too busy" (Luke 14:15-24). Are bats truly that busy? Are we?

Or perhaps our Bat House isn't all that. Could it be that we hung our bat house on the wrong tree, much like the house built upon the sand? Can we hang a bat house on a rock foundation (Matthew 7:25-27)? Will that work?

I wonder...

Maybe I can convince the Husband to rent a jackhammer.


CC said...

So this is weird to read since I had a totally freaky dream about bats last night! They had taken over one of our trees (which was huge in my dream) and there were hundreds of them all hanging in our yard from our tree. Ewwwwwwww.