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Friday, April 11, 2008

Edinburgh Threads

This post by Donna prompted me to share the special connections we felt to our little Tongginator, even before we met her.

During March of 2004, right in the thick of our adoption paperchase, the Husband and I traveled to the United Kingdom with our friends Yankee and Brit. Yankee was four months pregnant with Doodle and we knew we would soon hold a child in our arms as well. Both couples viewed the trip as one last hurrah before the demands of parenthood arrived.

We traveled throughout northern England and Scotland during our ten-day trip, enjoying ourselves immensely. One night, during a late dinner in Edinburgh, Brit asked us if we ever thought about our future daughter. I shared that I'd been praying daily for the birthmother for quite awhile, and that we believed our daughter could be born at any point from this month forward. It was the first conversation we'd engaged in about this topic.

Little did we know at the time, but the child who would become our daughter had very recently arrived in the world.

That rainy and cold night in Edinburgh, and calculating for the time difference between Scotland and China... well... that very conversation occurred within hours of our daughter's finding. While we sat sipping our after-dinner coffee and savoring dessert, discussing the birth of our daughter, someone half a world away from us placed our future daughter in a safe location where she was sure to be found quickly. Someone did find her quickly, and cared for her for a bit of time.

On the following day, as we toured around Edinburgh, our daughter's finder took her to the Tonggu orphanage and the director named her. He gave her an unusual Chinese name, one not at all common for a girl. Why? We don't know and he didn't answer when we asked over a year later. But we do know that her name character is one of three Mandarin characters used to form the Chinese word for Edinburgh.

Some people might call this a Coincidence. Some might call it a God Moment. Many who've adopted from China would label it a Red Thread.


I call it many things, but most of all it is - simply put - our family's story.


Aunt LoLo said...

Oh, that is beautiful! I've never heard the term Red Thread, but it makes perfect sense! When we visited Wah Shan (a mountain in China), the bushes were COVERED in little red threads. Each red thread represents one person's wish. When the thread wears down and flies away, the wish will be granted!

Gerbil said...

That's really beautiful.

Special K said...

Gave me chills....