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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Cookie Sweetness

This past week the Tongginator told the Husband, "I think Momma is as sweet as a cookie."

Everyone say it with me -- "Awww...."

Yes, I'm savoring this moment to remember when she is fifteen and screaming invectives at me because I won't allow her to do... well, pretty much anything.

The Tongginator's cute comment got me thinking, however, about an Issue of Great Importance. I could revolutionize the world with this answer. Seriously. It's one we all need to think about.

If I were a cookie, what type would I be?

Stop laughing.

This is Important.

I pondered it all day yesterday. I even took an on-line "What Kind of Cookie Are You?" test, but the test obviously contained major flaws because it said I was most like a chocolate chip cookie: sweet, easygoing, a bit disorganized and not at all a perfectionist. Excuse the hysterical laughter you hear echoing around you. That's just a few of the people who know me personally responding to THAT analysis.

Obviously I needed to ponder this on my own, without the aid of a computer quiz.

So I did.

All day yesterday.

Because I'm productive like that.

I identified several possibilities.

My first thought was a Nutter Butter because, well, this name says a lot. A tad bit nutty. Check. Also somewhat buttery sweet. Hmmm, I guess that depends on who you talk with. And when you talk with them. But... possibly? However, Nutter Butters are also the official cookie of Nascar. That creates a negative ten points on the Tonggu Momma relativity scale. Things aren't looking too good for this cookie at the moment.

Another option is my second-favorite Girl Scout Cookie: the Thin Mint. Okay, well, the thin part isn't very relevant anymore. Those extra pounds these past two years took that descriptor away. However, thin mints aren't simply thin, they are also minty, which connotes cheerful optimism, vivacious energy and wit. Well, one out of three ain't bad. Actually, that description makes sense because Thin Mints are the most popular selling Girl Scout cookie every year. Yeah... I've never been popular. Next.

The Husband chose a Snickerdoodle. Why? Because it's a cool word to say. And because it's his favorite cookie, since it is simple, yet tasty. The cinnamon and sugar kind of balance each other out - sweet and spicy at the same time. That's the extent of his analysis. That's all he could offer you, BloggyLand.

Fourth to consider: a Ginger Snap. I've never tried to hide my struggle with patience, and "snap" about sums up THAT issue. There is still the ginger to contend with, however, and I can't seem to get out of my mind Ginger from Gilligan's Island. She is such the opposite of me - seductive, adventurous, sophisticated. Snort. (The fact that I even remotely admit to snorting should clue you in here.) Moving on...

Last, but not least, the Oatmeal Raisin Cookie. I'm fairly certain I don't fall into this category, although many of my friends do. And you KNOW which category it is - the Nature Woman in all of her glory. She loves to be outside, to exercise, to buy organic, to cook everything from scratch and create homemade gifts for her fellow crunchy granola friends, all the while single-handedly saving the planet . Okay, I admit that this is who I Secretly Strive To Be, but it just ain't happening for me. For one, I'm too lazy. For another, I don't like bugs. Or sweat. Or crafting.

I hate to say it.

I believe I need to side with the Husband on this decision. Yep, a Snickerdoodle is the sum total of my existence: I'm a tad wordy, with not a lot of substance, and my sweetness and spice constantly compete against one another.

Yet somehow most people like me anyway. I may not be a favorite, but I am enjoyable. After all, I AM as sweet as a cookie.


Anonymous said...

One of the best cookies I ever made was a clove cookie with lemon icing. I have since lost the recipe. I want to be that cookie.

Becoming Me said...

What a great post. I love how you turned her sweet comment into blog fodder. You actually remind me of myself a bit.