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Monday, April 28, 2008

Brushes With Fame

After my obscure reference to Frances McDormand and the Coen Brothers a few days ago, I thought perhaps I should list my elbow brushes with the famous and nearly-famous.

You know, because there have been so many of them.

And because then you might start to believe I Am Important, which I truly need at the moment, since I recently experienced an I Am Invisible To Others moment.

Because nothing says I am NOT Invisible like standing next to a person who is so Important, everyone forgets to notice you.

You don't need details about my Invisibility Moment last week, except to say that I am an adult, and I realize it wasn't personal. I also realize I'm not invisible to God. And yet somehow I still feel like I'm back in fifth grade, waiting to be picked last for kickball. Isn't it funny how one moment in time can shave decades off of our emotional and spiritual maturity?

And nothing says immature like bragging about how many famous people I've met. So now you know... I Am Invisible and Immature.

But whatever, I've met a ton of celebrities.

Well, maybe just a lot.

Alright, only ten or so. Still, that is why you should feel I Am Important, despite the fact that I Am Invisible. Behold my sustained friendships ummm... perhaps I should say slight connections... alright, a more realistic description would be brief moments in time with a few famous and nearly-famous people:

1. One summer, long ago, I took acting lessons from Frances McDormand. She's the not-as-well-known actress who has received four Oscar nominations, including a win for her role as Marge Gunderson, the pregnant police officer in the movie Fargo. She is also married to one of the Coen brothers, who swept the Oscars this year with their movie No Country For Old Men. I wasn't a huge fan of the movie because, well, because... but those In The Know seemed to love it. And yes, Frances McDormand is an amazing actress. No, I am not.


According to the Tongginator's critique earlier this week.

2. Most of you will probably read this anecdote and say, "what the heck?!?" But it just goes to show you how utterly pathetic is my life outlook. Anyways ... cast your mind back to the summer of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. Now try to recall the cheesy McDonald's commercial featuring American Olympians, one of whom was a beautiful young teenage girl with a great smile, who pops up from the side of the swimming pool. Do you remember it? Do you remember her? She babysat my sister KitKat and I.

I mention this only because usually, when I describe the commercial, most people experience a light bulb moment and actually do vaguely recall this two second bit of air time.

3. The summer I turned sixteen, I met Danielle Steele (a romance novelist for those of you not-in-the-know). My kite got stuck on the roof of her Stinson Beach house in the San Francisco Bay Area. I also met her fourth ... make that fifth ... no, possibly her sixth husband. Who can keep track these days? The entire family (three generations) helped me untangle the kite and fly it again. I remember this story so vividly because they all thought I was mom to my toddler cousin. When I told them I was only sixteen, they seemed startled. (Remember how I've said I don't look like a spring chicken? Ummm... yeah. Ahem.) Ms. Steele and her family talked with me for quite awhile, and I always weirdly hoped contemplated ending up as an "old soul" character in one of her many novels.

Except not one that got all skeezy with people.

Because Tonggu Momma is not skeezy.

4. In high school, I performed in plays and on a local T.V. show with several people who fulfilled their life-long dreams of professional acting. You wouldn't recognize their names, but you'd probably recognize their faces... or maybe not. Most often they appear in crime dramas as The Corpse or The Heavily Battered Victim. You've seen them on Law and Order: SVU, CSI, Without a Trace and Homicide:Life on the Street. Sometimes they are fortunate to show their faces sans fake blood, usually on a soap opera, or during a tampon or car commercial.

They are all Very Attractive People, even covered in blood and bruises.

They barely remember me, if at all.

Remember, I was picked last during kickball.

5. I once bumped into Andrew Dan-Jumbo, the carpenter from TLC's While You Were Out, at our local Target. I did a triple-take when I saw him at first, but I decided to give the guy a break, so I didn't say a word except "excuse me." When I again saw him ten minutes later, one aisle over, he stood surrounded by little older ladies begging for his autograph. I smiled at him... and he WINKED at me. This isn't typically what I would consider a brush-with-fame kind of event, but... after all... it is Andrew Dan-Jumbo. One of People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People in 2003. And he WINKED at me.

Sorry, Husband.

He knew I ran into the guy - literally - but I've never mentioned the wink before. For obvious reasons.

The Husband has a bad heart, you know.

Other not-terribly-interesting brushes with fame: Sinbad (he's nice to intoxicated people - I must clarify by stating that I viewed this while fully sober); Don Ho (he IS an intoxicated person); numerous senators and representatives, including a few who've run for president (everyone who has ever lived in the Washington, D.C. area can say this, although most likely they wish differently); and Pat Southall (a former first runner-up to Miss USA, and who is now married to football great Emmitt Smith - and, yes, I've seen her without her make-up).

What famous people have you bumped into?


Cajunchic said...

I went to high school with Brandon Stokely which hubby thinks is the greatest thing in the world. Scarlett Johanson and Ryan Reynolds have been in a nearby town recently while she records her music album. She looks very different in person with a large tattoo on her forearm. Ryan is just as hot in person. *drool* Before the Imagination Movers were on Disney they used to do shows for a local playgroup quite frequently. Monkette loves them. They were all very nice in person.

Anonymous said...

My life has been thoroughly celebrity free, unless you count the time I shared an elevator with Kasey Kasem.

Now if you had asked about famous murderers I would have had some stories.

Aunt LoLo said...

Well, I lived next door to a Really Famous VIP baseball player for a few years (Ichiro Suzuki - plays for the Seattle Mariners). He was REALLY SHY, but his wife was a sweet heart and threw my baby shower when I was pregnant with BBJ. In fact, BBJ's little lovey (BoBo) was a gift from her! She called my Dad once when she was locked out of her house - so he took the hinges off her front door. Now she has a bigger door with bigger hinges. ;-)