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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Brand-New Gray

I know I've mentioned previously that I don't exactly look like a spring chicken. I don't exactly look old, either. I've got that ageless "could be anywhere from 29 to 45" quality going for me.

All of that is going to change soon. It's the beginning of the end.

Behold the Evidence:

I'm too young for this.




I noticed it yesterday evening just after dinner. I can't tell you what prompted the discovery, as I rarely primp and preen. But the light caught just so as I walked past the bathroom mirror, and my reflection forced me to confront the harsh new reality.

I showed the Husband:

He looked for a minute and then asked, "Do you want to start coloring it?"



Watch him wince.

Feel strangely better.

Then guilty.


Since I rarely physically assault someone and then grovel, the Tongginator noticed the commotion and asked, "What's wrong, Momma?"

TONGGU MOMMA: Momma discovered tonight that I have a gray hair.

: What's that mean?

TONGGU MOMMA: Well, what color is Momma's hair?

TONGGINATOR: It's brown. And Daddy has dark brown hair. And I have long, black Mulan hair.

TONGGU MOMMA: That's right. And what color is Grammy's hair? Is Grammy's hair gray?

TONGGINATOR: Yeah... sort of. It's gray and white. Why is it gray AND white?

TONGGU MOMMA: Grammy's hair is that color because Grammy is old. And Momma's sad because I just found a gray hair on my head. That means I'm getting old, too.

TONGGINATOR: NO!!!! I don't want you to get old! I want you to be brand-new!!!!!

You and me both, Kiddo. You and me both.


Cajunchic said...

Your hair seems to be about the same color as my friend Nicole's hair. She started getting a little gray here and there a few months back and she is only 26! I think it has to do with the darkness of her hair. Hubby has tons of gray also and the same hair color and he is only 32. for all I know I could have grey hair but I have been coloring my hair regligiously since I was 15 so I have no idea. So you see it is not that you are old it is just that God chose to give you beautiful dark hair.

Cute story about the Tongginator.

Veronica Mitchell said...

I had my first gray hair when I was 16. It really took the drama out of it. Now I am 35, the gray hairs are countless.

Aunt LoLo said...

Umm...I'm with Veronica. My dad found my first gray hair for me in the 6th grade. Got to love honors classes for babies! Sheesh.. ;-) Don't worry - I think gray is lovely!!

CC said...

I just found another white one. Too young.

Gerbil said...

Humph. I will not forget my husband's observation this past summer... "Wow, your hair is really getting shiny... oh. wait. That's just grey hair."

Dimple Queen said...

I guess you can see that you are NOT alone....I know it doesn't make you feel much better, but you are not alone! I am 34 and I have so much gray...I almost have a "crown of glory" on top of my head. I have never colored it, but am feeling I just might this summer!

Rachel Marie said...

You are very brave to share that picture! I have a few of those too- I call them my sparkly hairs because I am too young for gray hair too!

Hannah said...

Tehehe. My hair has always been really blonde, but sometimes! OH! These sneaky little, thick, coarse, almost black hairs show up! I think they are just as bad as gray. :)