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Friday, April 18, 2008

Big Give Revealed

When I say something is gonna be good, it's really gonna be good. In the future, my three fifteen loyal readers, if you ever doubt a tale I tell, just cast your mind back in time to this very day and remember... Tonggu Momma is trust-worthy. I may sometimes stretch a story a bit for comedic relief, but I don't ever exaggerate about Big Things.

So what constitutes a Big Thing within Tonggu Momma's World?

Shaking hands with the President? Ummm... maybe. I guess it depends on the President. Perhaps walking on the moon? Quite definitely... but not exactly possible if you're anything like me. (I'm afraid of heights... and flying... and, therefore, outerspace.)

Well, how about tail feathers? Now, tail feathers can be Pretty Big Things. For example:

See what I mean?

Tail feathers are pretty big news, especially when those tail feathers are attached to:

Yes, that is Donald Duck WALKING OUT OF OUR FRONT DOOR! Why? Well, here's where I could go into this long, totally made-up story about how the Donald and I go way back, and he just happened to stop in to have tea with Tonggu Momma yesterday.

But I can't say that.

Because I don't lie about Big Things.

So I guess the truth will have to suffice.

As many of you know, our next-door neighbor Rosie Ashes is seriously ill with breast cancer. (This, of course, is not her Real Name, just in case you didn't pick up on that.) Anyway, Rosie is quite ill, so much so that the family had to cancel their trip to Walt Disney World last week. The family originally scheduled their trip for August, but moved it up by several months upon the advice of a doctor. When they couldn't travel last week, it devastated our entire neighborhood, most especially ItalianMama (more about this incredible woman in Sunday's post). The neighborhood didn't grieve because the Ashes weren't able to "go" to Disney World, but because the family lost the opportunity to Create Memories during such an important time.

The situation was unthinkable. Unacceptable. Unchangeable?

Ha! You haven't met ItalianMama!

She has Connections. She has Motive. She has Opportunity. No, she isn't in the Mob (you people watched too many episodes of The Sopranos). She's just one Amazing Woman who wouldn't take no for an answer... from anyone. It took a lot of begging pleading persuading because, despite what y'all might think, we are not a wealthy neighborhood. Solidly middle-class, that's us.

ItalianMama worked hard to convince the Donald to visit. The Donald wanted to come, of course, but he's a pretty busy guy duck. I'm sure you can imagine. It took some persuasion, but ItalianMama succeeded.

And if you think ItalianMama stopped at just the Donald - well, then you don't know ItalianMama! How would you feel if I mentioned that the Donald brought along a few friends?

And that he called in a few favors, requesting the presence of Her Royal Highness Cinderella?

Mickey and Minnie, the Donald, Goofy and Chip, along with Her Royal Highness Cinderella, came to meet the Ashes family. They didn't want to miss out on shaking the hands of Ring and Rosie and their twins Pocket and Posies.

Her Royal Highness even lent them the use of her carriage.

They enjoyed the afternoon together, getting to know one another and - truly - Creating Memories for the Ashes family. No one will forget the look on Posies' face when she first met Cinderella ... or the look on Pocket's face when he wrestled with Goofy. Since these memories are forever etched in my heart, I can only imagine how it feels to Ring and Rosie.

Our Disney friends were even kind enough to allow many of the neighbors to join in the fun. The Tongginator wasn't too sure about the Donald's crew, but Cinderella got two thumbs up... not because she's a Disney Princess, but because she arrived in a carriage with TWO BEAUTIFUL HORSES! The Tongginator looked oh, so elegant in a green Tinkerbelle ensemble, complete with faux-gossamer wings and shoes designed by Stride Rite. Her stunning outfit looked a tad more - shall we simply say horsey? - by day's end.

We took turns riding around the neighborhood in Cinderella's carriage; we visited with the Donald and his friends; we marched in a parade and even did a little moon bouncing. I don't think we caused too many car accidents, but - truthfully - I didn't pay too much attention.

Minor details.

All too soon it was time to say goodbye.

And to sift through the loot.

I could go on and on about the awesomeness of our neighborhood and our day yesterday. But I won't because it bring tears to my eyes every time I think of it. So I'll just leave you with some words of Ring, which greatly humbled me. Now that you know their family situation, I suspect Ring's words will humble you as well. "We didn't need to go to Disney. Disney came to us. I am really one very blessed man."

(Didn't I tell you it was gonna be good?)


Unknown said...

Oh, good heavens....how cool is THAT?! What an amazing neighborhood...and Mr. Donald and all of his friends, coming out to see you? Just amazing, for everyone in the neighborhood.

discombobulated said...

No words. Just tears right now.

bugs parents said...

That is just amazing - what an incredible group of friends you are. Surely Jesus was evident through your loving care of this family. I'm sure Pocket and Posie - and Ring - will have memories to last a lifetime.

Special K said...

This one made me cry.

Sophie's Mom said...

That is AMAZING.

Unknown said...

What a great neighborhood that you live in. How wonderful that they made this possible for this family.

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous experience your neighborhood created for your friends. It moved me to tears. I'm going to post a link to it on my blog. Your neighborhood is incredible.

Rachel Marie said...