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Friday, April 4, 2008

100th Post. 100 Things.

It's a tradition in Blog Land to share 100 facts about yourself for your 100th post. I would think that others might find this particularly boring, although I guess everyone is interesting if one looks deep enough. Plus, who am I to mess with tradition? Brace yourselves...

1. I'm constantly learning new things
2. about the world
3. and about myself.
4. Sometimes that is a fun process
5. and sometimes it's not.

6. Some people call me a shlumpadinka,
7. but my daughter rarely looks like a slob (except for her hair).
8. I think this says more about her than me
9. ... but maybe not.

10. When I was young, I wanted to be an actress
11. or an author.
12. Instead, I majored in psychology
13. and became a technical writer;
14. then an office manager.
15. After that, I spent a few years in the ministry
16. and later became a teacher.
17. Now I'm a stay-at-home mom.
18. I become bored with jobs easily.

19. I've lived in Rhode Island,
20. South Carolina,
21. Florida,
22. Virginia,
23. Hawaii,
24. Japan,
25. Maryland,
26. Arizona
27. and North Carolina.
28. Change terrifies me. (Let that sink in.)

29. I met the Husband in 1996, we wed in 1998,
30. and we adopted our Tongginator in 2005.
31. I consider our wedding and our adoption day the most amazingly blessed occasions of my life;
32. and yet, on those two days, my most prevalent thoughts involved some variation of, "what have I done?"
33. Did I already mention that change terrifies me?

34. I graduated magna cum laude
35. from a well-respected southern university
36. in less than four years.
37. Instead of leaving my college town after graduation, I stayed and worked part-time at Hallmark for over six months.
38. I realize this proves conclusively that superior school performance does not equate to intelligence.

39. Although I'm now unsure,
40. I grew up believing myself to be quite brainy. (PHOTO: Me and fellow nerds during the medal ceremony at the Academic Olympics.)
41. The Husband believed he was dumb.
42. Guess who is smarter? (Hint: Not me.)

43. I loved teaching preschool and kindergarten.
44. I want to return to teaching someday.
45. I am not patient with children.
46. Yes, I am aware of the irony in that.
47. Even still, you'd probably want me teaching your child
48. because I learned from the best.
49. (My mom is an award-winning teacher.)

50. I have sensory processing disorder (also known as sensory integration dysfunction):
51. I'm an over-sensitive.
52. My daughter also has sensory processing disorder:
53. she is a sensory-seeker.
54. As a result, I believe that Almighty God has a really wonderful sense of humor. Ha ha.

55. I fret about little things -
56. like being five minutes late,
57. not being in control
58. and being stared at by large crowds of people.
59. I also stress about big things -
60. like our hugely consumerist society
61. and whether or not people like me.
62. The Husband would say that #61 belongs in the "little things" category.
63. He puts up with a lot.

64. I don't enjoy helicopter rides
65. because I spent nearly an hour of my honeymoon throwing up in one.
66. We haven't had much luck when it comes to vacations.
67. I don't enjoy cauliflower
68. because I think they look too much like miniature brains.
69. I realize that most people don't consider these things.

64. I love chocolate,
65. a yummy smelling cup of coffee
66. and an icy cold Diet Coke with Lime.
67. I also love reading a good book,
68. but mostly I read not-very-good books.
69. They are all I seem to have energy for now that I'm a mom.

76. I am an introvert,
77. but I'm also outgoing.
78. Yes, I am proof that one can be both. (See #19 - 27 for the reason.)

79. I received third degree burns on my hands when I was four.
80. I cracked several ribs a month later.
81. They wrapped my hands and torso in SO MANY bandages, I looked like a mummy for several weeks.

82. A poisonous spider once bit me on the leg. Yes, it hurt. A lot.
83. About ten years ago, I stepped on a snake.
84. In junior high school, one of my close friends accidentally swallowed a cicada during the year of the INVASION.
85. I haven't had much luck with creepy crawlies, but I'm trying to love them.

86. I do, however, love all cute furry animals.
87. Unfortunately, I have asthma and allergies.
88. We own a cat anyway.
89. His name is Rusty. (I realize we aren't too original, but at least he has a moniker. We could have stuck him with "Cat," like in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's.)

90. I get ear infections often.
91. Each time I do, I warn strange doctors that I have very, very twisty ear canals. Said doctors usually roll their eyes and brush aside my comments until they discover that I did not, in fact, exaggerate. After they view the twisty mess, they typically call over every other doctor and nurse in the office or ER to "come check out these ears."
92. Yes, it does make me feel a bit like a Freak Show, but then I remind myself of the Husband's deformed heart and I feel much better.

93. I joined the soccer team during my high school years.
94. I also joined the swim team.
95. I stink at sports.

96. I've acted alongside several now very-famous or semi-famous people.
97. I am not a good actress.

96. I'm told that I have a dry sense of humor.
97. I don't actually feel I'm very funny.
98. Maybe that's why I always fret about whether or not people like me.

99. At least the Husband and the Tongginator love me.
100. I love them, too... so very much.

and one extra for good luck:

101. I feel very blessed that my God loves me, too, despite my:
  • intellectual pride,
  • fears, and
  • inability to adapt to change; as well as my
  • complete lack of athletic prowess and
  • my wavering commitment.


discombobulated said...

Very nice. I learned some new things... and remembered some old!

Janet said...

Wow. I learned a lot about you too. At least your cat's name is Rusty and not "Orangey". ;-)

Oh, and I hate helipcopters too.

Aunt LoLo said...

Love the list! My Dad grew up in a suburb of Portland, Oregon with his Dad and his Hollywood-born step-mom. Step Mom named their dog Taxi. Yeah - she thought it would be HILARIOUS for all of her 7 kids (total Brady Bunch situation!) to run around the neighborhood when he got out, yelling, "Taxi! Taxi!" I'm named after her - I think that's where I get my sense of humour.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Aunt Lolo -- Growing up we had a cat named "Freedom." He joined the family on the exact day the hostages came home from Iran (and we were there to greet some of them at Andrews AFB). My mom named him. I was always so embarrassed to call for him ... but "Taxi" is way worse. I'm calling my mom right now. :)

Gerbil said...

My neighbor had a dog - and I'm not kidding - named dammit. His poor kids were not amused.

Cheri H said...

Well I learned a lot about you today! I've just started visiting your blog and I must say your an amazing woman! I thank you for your encouragement from the bottom of my heart! It is always nice to find another fellow blogger who loves the Lord!

CC said...

Wow. We do have a LOT in common!

Kim said...

Oh my word I am in tears laughing so hard at that list of pet names! I can just imagine the looks on the neighbors faces as kids wandered the hood yelling out "Taxi, Freedom and Dammit"

Thanks for your post on my blog today. Yes, #10 fits you nicely :) Thank You!!! BTW My son thinks I'm drunk cause I'm laughing at the computer...

sarah said...

43. I loved teaching preschool and kindergarten.
45. I am not patient with children.

That's me too. Although I didn't teach kindergarden, but I had the smarter kids so I had to keep up with them. :)

Annie said...

Hi. I wanted to thank you for your comment on my new blog - Cornbread and Chopsticks!! I think I recognize your name from Stefanie's blog? Stefanie's Shepherd and our Lizzie both came from DG and were both on Lifeline's WC list. We met briefly in China and stay in touch when we/she has the time!!! She is so great and was a huge help to me while we waited!!! I had to comment on your list because we are in SC and because I think I have always struggled with Sensory Processing Disorder. My bio son is in the midst of it now and I am sure Lizzie is headed down the same road!!!

Anyway, thanks again for your comment!!!

Alison said...

First time reading your 100 things list. HILARIOUS - You're the best! ...but after reading this list I have a feeling you already know that. ;)