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Saturday, March 22, 2008

So Predictable

After my recent post on race, I thought Tonggu Daddy and I could liven things up by poking fun at ourselves a bit. Last night the Husband and I sat side by side, on our respective laptops, reading the much-talked-about website "Stuff White People Like" while a March Madness game played in the background. How much more predictable can we be? All we needed to complete the picture was some coffee, tea, wine or perhaps a microbrew.

However, for your personal amusement, we created a list of topics from the blog that scream out our names. Before you peruse our list, you should know that we feel relieved that, between the two of us, *only* 26 apply. Now, the descriptions are a tad over-the-top for us, and some of the details do not apply, but it IS satire, so we read between the lines. We don't think of ourselves as pretentious, but if the material evoked even a slight wince or sheepish expression, then we included it. And if you know us personally, and you strongly believe we forgot one, please feel free to leave a suggestion in the comments section.

It may be painful to hear, but we can take it. At least, I think we can...

Tonggu Momma: #12 Non-Profit Organizations, #43 Plays, #55 Apologies, #64 Recycling, #75 Threatening to Move to Canada, #80 The Idea of Soccer, #83 Bad Memories of High School

The Husband (also known as The Foodie): #13 Tea, #23 Microbreweries, #24 Wine, #40 Indie Music, #42 Sushi, #44 Public Radio, #53 Dogs, #54 Kitchen Gadgets, #86 Shorts

Both: #1 Coffee, #19 Traveling, #35 The Daily Show/Colbert Report, #36 Breakfast Places, #37 Renovations, #39 Netflix, #46 The Sunday New York Times, #49 Vintage, #58 Japan, #78 Multilingual Children


CC said...

That website definitely makes me laugh!

Gerbil said...

i got three things. coffee, vintage and kitchen gadgets.