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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Piglet is Her Name

The Tongginator loves all books. She has her favorites, of course, as do we all. She loves to read anything that talks about adoption, or China, or one in which the main character has black Mulan hair.

We didn't notice any other common themes until recently. I guess Tonggu Daddy and I didn't spend too much time thinking about it, otherwise we would have identified her "most favoritest" topic much sooner. Let's see if you can spot the theme amidst her past favorites:

Which of these two don't seem to belong?

Yes, you are correct! (At least, I hope you figured it out.) However, these two titles are misleading. Allow me to expand upon their plots a bit more. In The Bear Snores On, the other animals throw a party in a cave while the bear hibernates. They have a grand old time while they "nibble and they munch with a CHEW - CHOMP - CRUNCH, but the bear snores on." Of course The Rattletrap Car does not consume yummy snacks, but it does require a few unique automotive fluids, most notably chocolate marshmallow fudge delight and razzleberry dazzleberry snazzleberry fizz.

Are you sensing a theme now?

With this food obsession, you'd think the Tongginator might look more - shall we say - husky? Alas, no. She recently outgrew her size 4T pants. They fall just above her ankles, at that awkward length that looks ridiculous. Her inseam measures at 17 inches, but her waist still sits at about 20.5 inches. Yes, she can even fit into a few 2T bottoms-- they look super cute as cropped pants, hitting just below her knees. Thank goodness spring fast approaches.

I dread shopping for this child. I truly do, especially during the cooler months, when searching for long pants becomes a Quest of Major Proportions. I wish her love of food translated into poundage. You'd think a child so obsessed with eating would be a tad larger. Oh well, at least she continues to justify her other nickname ... she will always be our Piglet!!!


CC said...

A girl after my own heart! yum!