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Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Party That Wasn't

The Tongginator household spent several days preparing for the Big Event. Two days prior, I seriously prayed for self-control before venturing on my quest to purchase party supplies. I kept gravitating to the balloon-themed section, but finally overcame my own selfish desires and purchased the dreaded Princess Party Plates. On Friday night, I baked the requisite Rainbow Sprinkle Cupcakes, as previously requested by the birthday girl. Tonggu Daddy spent almost an hour hanging streamers and inflating yellow and purple balloons. We first dusted them off a bit, since they remained from last year (Tonggu Momma is nothing if not cheap). We fell into bed content, but exhausted, after a full day of cleaning, cooking and decorating.

Then ... at four o-clock in the morning, on the day of the party, the Husband and I awoke to Tongginator Cries. Actually, it sounded more like whimpering: loud, yet pitiful, whimpering.

The first thought that popped into my head? 'It is FOUR O'CLOCK in the morning.' Not exactly the most compassionate thought, I know, but - hey - at least I'm honest. As I've said many a time, Tonggu Momma is not - nor will I ever be - a morning person. My second thought? 'Oh, no. Not TODAY! Poor Piglet!' See, I'm not truly a terrible mother ... just Real.

Sure enough: later that morning the doctor diagnosed the Tongginator with an ear infection. Birthday party canceled. No friends coming to play: no FooFoo and LittleBunny ... no Peaches and Cream ... no Pocket and Posies ... no Cinnamon and Spice ... not even her cousins M&M, Snickers and 100 Grand. No one except Robbie and Tawby, who we couldn't spot anyway, since they obviously dressed in their zebra costumes again.

The Tongginator took it like a champ. I'm not sure whether she coped so well because she felt too miserable to care, or if she suffered a slight shock because Tonggu Momma actually did acquiesce and go with the Princess Theme. It's a terrible thing to be sick on one's birthday, especially when you're young. Instead of exhaling to extinguish candles, she's inhaling medicine from her nebulizer. Sometimes life just really stinks, especially when you compare it to years past:

I must say that there is nothing remotely cheerful about a decorated - and empty - home. The balloons and streamers mocked us all day long. The dozen plus cupcakes called our names, loudly and repeatedly. The party favor bags looked lonely without sticky hands digging through them, investigating the party loot. We didn't even dance ... and, let me tell you, the Tongginator family loves to dance.

We all felt forlorn yesterday. Then, late last night, Tonggu Momma discovered something. While it would not in any way remove the sting we felt concerning our canceled birthday party, it did ease the sadness a bit. I learned I could invite a thousand of my "closest friends" to a party at my blog. The decorations won't go to waste! Hopefully someone else will devour the cupcakes; although, if you do, you should feel a least a teeny bit guilty since you're eating the cupcake of a devastated and ear-infected just-turned-four-year-old. But, hey, if you can get past that, they do taste pretty yummy.

So, anyways, I hope you enjoy our canceled birthday party that morphed into The Ultimate Blog Party hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom! Come back to my blog anytime. I can't promise cupcakes and streamers, but then, who can? I am Tonggu Momma, wife of the Husband, mother to the Tongginator, a child of God, 30ish stay-at-home mom, former teacher, member of FCC (Families With Children from China), advocate for those with sensory issues, Mandarin language student and friend to many.

If you've made it this far into the post, I'm quite impressed. There are LOTS of blogs to visit, and I am way down on the list. But I hope you feel it was worth it ... at the end of the week I'll have a random drawing to give away a $20 Starbucks card. Why? Because I'm addicted to coffee, friends give them to me all of the time as gifts, and I have several lying around.

Just leave a comment sharing your favorite Tongginator story and why you liked it so much ... you may want to just skim the titles because several of them are long (Gerbil and Storm commented before I added this, so I've included their names in the hat regardless).

Ultimate Blog Party 2008

Lots of cool prizes to choose from this year, but I'd have to say my top three picks would be:

-- #12, the $50 gift certificate to Happy Panda
-- #45, Custom Blog Design by Summer
-- # 67, a Blog Makeover by Shauna at See My Designs

but I'd also enjoy any of the following (in order of preference): 99, 15, 17, 11, 63, 123, 140 and 102. Thanks to all who donated!


Gerbil said...

Poor little bug. Ear infections are no fun whatsoever. Hope she's feeling better! And jacob and I will bring some cinnamon Teddy Grahams (his new joy in life) and homemade bread.

Storm said...

I hope your little one feels better soon.

Nice to meet you. Happy blogging!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the canceled birthday party. Are you going to reschedule?

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I like this post the best. :)

Crazy Daisy said...

thanks for stopping by my blog party today! It is nice to meet you! Enjoy all the parties.

Janet said...

Bummer! Poor little Tonginator! I hope she is better now!!!!

Julie D said...

Thanks for visiting my party! I think my favorite Tongginator story was the Twins vortex.

Rhonda said...

Poor little thing, hope she's feeling better soon!

Thanks for visiting my blog...and yes, the wait is...long. (Though I'd have a few other adjectives for it.) ;)

Lis Garrett said...

Ah, what a shame . . . I hope your little one feels better soon. I'm adding you to my Google Reader, and I will definitely be back. Thanks so much for visiting my site!

JujuBoo said...

I have totally loved reading your blog. I am bookmarking you to come back and read more! Nice blog. Happy blog partying! :)

Mommy Brain said...

My kids' first birthday parties were all cancelled/rescheduled last year due to illness. It's no surprise that I did NOT plan a big 2nd birthday party.

Your 4 year old is beautiful. I'm adopted from Korea and love meeting other families that were brought together by adoption.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's so cute that your daughter's imaginary friends are twins. I'm worried that my kids will think everyone has a twin since most of their playmates are twins.

Shawna said...

Just love the nickname. Gosh, you had some many funny posts. My top is the Booty call because my daughter, Scamp, and I love to dance, but we're not quite as coordinated! I loved how your daughter wished that she could drive by herself!! I wonder where she would go! I love the potty seat picture. We're just working on potty training ourselves. Please stop by Scamp's Place if you get a chance!