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Friday, March 7, 2008

Our Twin Vortex

The Tongginator informed me today that our family of three is now a bit larger than I believed. She is currently exploring the world of imaginary friends. That's not so unusual, given her age. Many preschool age children begin talking with invisible people. During her younger years, my sister KK spent many a year dragging around her imaginary friend, Boy. (Just for the record, that actually is the name my sister bestowed upon him ... I did not make that up for the blog.)

Alas, the Tongginator always feels the need to stand out from the crowd. She craves being different. That's somewhat difficult for her introverted momma to deal with. Our little Tongginator has not one, but two, imaginary friends ... twins named Robbie and Tawby. (No, I have no idea where she came up with the name Tawby, but she's been using it for over a week now, so I think it's here to stay.)

I have yet to ascertain many details about the twins. She hordes personal facts about them as diligently as I use nicknames on this blog. I do not know their gender, nor their age, nor their physical appearance, nor much of anything else. The one thing I discovered this past week is that they enjoy getting into mischief. This evening the Tongginator did share a few golden tidbits, which I eagerly documented:

"They wear zebra costumes a lot. They look like zebras. Robbie and Tawby always hit me. But I walk away; actually I run away, but they chase me. And they like to kick my feet."

I'm wondering how we ended up in this vortex of twins. The Tongginator's birthday party is tomorrow ... we invited three sets of twins: Cinnamon and Spice; Peaches and Cream; and Pocket and Posies. Our Piglet's godmother BlueFairy will also be there, although her twin sister doesn't have an invitation.

Now another set of twins will attend: Robbie and Tawby. They'll be dressed as zebras, camouflaged as usual, so I doubt they'll be noticed by our many guests. Still, the Tongginator assures me that they will be there.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Piglet! I was thinking of you all today and hoping it was an indoor event! Great story! You are a really creative writer. It makes perfect sense for her to have twins. Thanks for my calendar. I am loving it ( : See you in April.

Janet said...

Hmmm.....I think you might need to buy twin psychiatry appointments....LOL!

HOw cute is she? I love imaginations!