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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Little Bunny Foo Foo

Yesterday the Tongginator's preschool class attended their weekly music lesson. On the agenda: learning the songs Hot Cross Buns and Little Bunny Foo Foo. Sounds like a fun time, right?

Not. The Tongginator completely freaked out. Her teachers, Mrs. Bambi and Mrs. Thumper, tried valiantly to calm her fears. Mrs. Bambi actually took the Tongginator to another room and cuddled with her for several minutes. They debated whether to call me or not, but realized I was probably already en route since it was so close to dismissal time. Mrs. Bambi told me it took the Tongginator about fifteen minutes to calm down. Even then, when my little Piglet saw me, the first words out of her mouth spewed forth in a frantic wail, "I didn't like the bunny!" and she dissolved in tears yet again.

What, you might wonder, is so upsetting about Little Bunny Foo Foo? Well, the Tongginator is more than happy to enlighten you:

"He just didn't stop hitting. He did it lots of times. He didn't listen to the Blue Fairy. He just ignored her. He stuck his tongue out at her. Actually, he doesn't have a tongue. He didn't really do that. But he kept hitting the people. That isn't very nice."

When I told my sister KK about the Tongginator's dislike of Little Bunny Foo Foo, she replied, "well, it's actually kind of a sick song." I agreed, and we began listing all of the disturbing songs and rhymes society teaches our children. We came up with: Humpty Dumpty, Rock-A-Bye-Baby, Jack and Jill, Three Blind Mice, Ring Around the Rosie, Old Mother Hubbard and -- possibly the worst of all -- The Old Woman in the Shoe. Can you add any other dark songs or rhymes to the list? I don't even want to touch on all of the sick fairy tales filled with evil witches, jealous relatives, orphaned children and poisoned food.

Also ... now I have a dilemma. If you have yet to notice, my blog is nickname only. And weeks ago, I chose nicknames for the Tongginator's godparents. They are the Boppin' Family, with mom BlueFairy and dad FieldMouse, as well as their two children: FooFoo (age 4) and LittleBunny (age 1). On the right, you will see one of my favorite photos of the Tongginator and FooFoo. I call it "Their First Kiss." So obviously she doesn't dislike FooFoo in real life.

How's this for ironic? You just can't make this stuff up!


Janet said...

That hilarious. My kids think that song is funny. What does that say about US? LOL!