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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Introducing BabyRuth

The newest addition to the Candy Family

BabyRuth entered the world today at 5:37 PM. She is welcomed with open arms by her parents Kit Kat and Big League Chew ... as well as her older brothers Snickers and 100 Grand. She also has a two-year-old sister named M&M, whose arms will be open once she adjusts to no longer being the baby of the family.

Isn't my niece beautiful? And, no, her name is not actually BabyRuth.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! She's adorable and that hair is to die for! She has my mother's birthday (: Take good care. -Dale

Anonymous said...

She is absolutely beautiful! Love her hair! Congrats!

Gerbil said...

all that haaaaiiir!! she's beautiful. :)

Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

Oh My! She IS beautiful! That hair!!!! That's more than beautiful!

Congrats to the Candy Family!
-Another TongGu Mama

Mommy Brain said...

She is gorgeous! My niece was just born yesterday, too!