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Monday, March 31, 2008

Cursing Roosters

This weekend, when Lizard and Terrapin came over for dinner, we ate in the dining room. (I know - we hardly ever use ours, either!) Terrapin spent much of the evening staring past my right shoulder. I kept turning around to see what he fixated on, but all I saw was the rooster plate my aunt gave me two years ago.

Roosters are a bit of a joke in our family because, on one occasion, my aunt mentioned that she liked roosters. She made the comment ONCE! The next thing you know, her home is filled from top to bottom with ceramic roosters, rooster dishes, rooster linens, the list went on and on. I learned a valuable lesson that year: avoid at all costs saying that you like something (or even more damaging - that you collect it); otherwise your house becomes filled with variations of said object. My sister-in-law Snow knows what I'm talking about. Can everyone say moo?

Back to Terrapin's object of interest: my adorable, single rooster plate. During dessert, when I finally asked him about his preoccupation, he blushed like a stop sign. More intrigued, I pushed the issue. He apologized profusely, and then said, "I feel like a schmuck, but every time I look at that plate, all I see are two four-letter-words. And I can't believe I'm the only one who noticed this. But I know I am because they never would have made it that way otherwise."

I turned and looked. Within fifteen seconds, I identified the two words.




I've spent the past three days trying to ignore them. After all, I really love my rooster plate. The colors go perfectly with the dining room. Plus, my little rooster is kind of cute (and roosters seldom are). But these words are staring me in the face:

Today I admitted defeat. I have to say I feel grateful to Terrapin, though. First, I find it hysterical that I've displayed this rooster plate for over two years. It's pretty darn funny when you think about it. I'm wondering how many other people noticed this and laughed behind my back.

Even more important, the Cursing Rooster incident serves as an excellent reminder to me: once I allow something into my mind, it definitely remains there, so it behooves me to more carefully select what I allow in, especially in terms of the media.

I'm not sure what changes will occur as a result of this lesson... except that my beloved rooster plate now has to go. I'm sorry, Little Rooster. Last week I would have missed you, but not anymore. I can't get past your language. I mean, really.

This is goodbye.

So long, Cursing Rooster. I won't miss you.


Janet said...

Okay, I am a complete idiot....what am I missing? I see one curse word, but what's the other one? Is "dood" a swear word?

Call me naive, I guess. :-)

a Tonggu Momma said...

Not a curse word, but "dood" upside down reads as "poop." I could have dealt with the first one, since it's part of the word, but the second just pushed me over the edge into a fit of giggles! :)

Aunt LoLo said...

Maybe I'm totally un-naive...but I think I might have left it! I'm sure my husband might see the first one as cursing...I just see another way of saying "chicken doodie!"

hahaha...Not sure how long it would have lasted on my wall, come to think of it. :-)

discombobulated said...

Upon first sight, the rooster seemed innocent to me. Now, when I look at the picture after having read the post, all I see is the first word and nothing else. My eyes won't let me go to the poor rooster itself! I think it's so funny you had this on display- even had it on a cute plate stand! Of course a guy would be the one to see the vulgarity! I have a rooster in my kitchen, also a joke from my aunt. It is to remind us of the "attack roosters" we encountered on one of our hiking trips. My rooster doesn't scream obsenities though.

discombobulated said...

It's me again. I don't think you should take the plate away.

Special K said...

That's funny.
I'm vulgar enough I probably woulda kept it. :)