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Monday, March 3, 2008

Almost Caught!

One morning last week Tonggu Momma had an important meeting during the early hours, so Tonggu Daddy took over the morning routine. He forgot to look in the tights drawer while pulling her clothes out, and instead looked in the sock drawer ... the empty sock drawer. So Tonggu Daddy and the Tongginator walked to the laundry room so that together they could retrieve a pair of her Beloved Tights.

When Tonggu Daddy opened the dryer, with the Tongginator standing close by, he discovered several Doggy dopplegangers in the load. The Tongginator, being a smart little mite, noticed the dopplegangers as well.

TONGGINATOR: Daddy! What's that? Is that my Doggy? ... Wait, is that another Doggy?

TONGGU DADDY: (lying through his teeth, all the while quickly tossing clothing pieces over top her twin Doggy dopplegangers) Of course not, honey bear. Doggy's upstairs. Hmmm... I don't see your tights. We probably just didn't see them upstairs. Let's go look again.

TONGGINATOR: (not quite knowing, with such a swift glance, whether to trust her eyes or her Rock Star Daddy, especially since the Doggy dopplegangers were scrunched in knee-high stockings) Ummm... I think we need to double-check to see if that is Doggy.

TONGGU DADDY: (while shepherding her out of the laundry room) No, sweetie. It's not. It's something else. What drawer did Daddy forget to look in upstairs?

The Tongginator gave her Daddy the suspicious eye one more time, then seemed to accept his word and proceeded up the stairs to discover several pairs of tights, which were in her tights drawer all along.


Almost caught! I know that last week Tonggu Daddy escaped by the skin of his teeth, but I'm sure our next confrontation will lead to a Discovery and Feelings of Betrayal. When it happens, I'll be sure to fill you in.


Janet said...

Maybe Doggy could turn out to be quadruplets? :-)

Aunt LoLo said...

Oh dear...will it be that traumatic? BBJ has BoBo...and there is only one BoBo. Several times, she has had to take a very wet BoBo to bed...because Bobo didn't have time to dry. Hmm...

That was a close call, though!

Linda said...

1st timer here--fun stuff!