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Friday, February 22, 2008

Wii Love Doodling

Our neighbors, the ColorMeRed family, invited the Tongginator and I over for some once-in-a-lifetime fun on Tuesday. They were installing new granite counter tops in their kitchen the following day, so they decided to graffiti up the place a bit. Mom Apple felt the artwork lacked oomph without a little Tongginator doodling. If you are a stranger reading this blog, and you ever felt curious about what I look like, check out the Tongginator's portrait of Tonggu Momma ... yep, it's a fairly good likeness, especially the hair.

After her Picasso session, the Tongginator headed downstairs with daughters Cherry and Raspberry to learn all about the Nintendo Wii. Cherry even designed a Tongginator Mii, a character avatar made to look exactly like (well, similar to) the Tongginator, complete with pigtails and, most importantly, Reindeer Antlers. (No, I have no idea why the Tongginator found those so important, but ... then again ... I'm not three.) We all had an absolute blast! And yes, the Tongginator did receive a "Super Shot" rating, although somehow I think that might be due to luck rather than skill. Judging from her body language, I'd say she agrees.


Leanne said...

You Got Some Nice Posts.

Keep Blogging.
Love Leanne

Special K said...

Oh my gosh... those are 3 yr old ponytails?! Her hair is so long.
It's gorgeous!