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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Maybe a Nixon Princess Party?

So, this morning I watched the latest on-line episode of "Word to Your Mutha," about a rather unusual birthday party for a four-year-old. This little youngster actually selected a Richard Nixon themed party. Check out the video below: it's fairly cute.

The Tongginator heard me watching the show from the family room, so she ran into the dining room to watch with me on my laptop. As many of you know, the Tongginator's birthday is fast approaching. I grew intrigued with the possibilities while watching the show. After the video ended, I turned to the Tongginator, hoping... After all, she and this little girl are the same age. I didn't expect (or hope for) Richard Nixon, but perhaps something other than Princess?

TONGGU MOMMA: Honey, what type of birthday party do you want?

TONGGINATOR: I want a Princess party.

TONGGU MOMMA: Are you sure? Not something different? This little girl wanted a Richard Nixon birthday party. What type of party do you want? It could be anything.

: I told you. I want Princess. And I want to wear my clog shoes with bare feet and put on my wings and hold a wand.

: (Sigh.) Alright, honey. That sounds fun.

Looks like it'll be a Princess Party. Just remember that it's not my idea.