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Thursday, February 7, 2008

M&M's Trip to the ER

On Monday evening, just as Ring picked up his twins, Pocket and Posies, my telephone rang. That hand-off, every Monday and Thursday, can be a little chaotic, although we are slowly developing a routine. Usually, by that point, the Tongginator is SO ready for one-on-one Momma time, and the twins are so ready to escape my house. It can get a little crazy with the shoes, the hats, and the schoolwork, but Ring and I are developing a method within the madness.

The phone call on Monday threw everything into a tailspin. My sister Kit Kat (KK) was on the other line, and not too calm. Her two-year-old M&M suffered a head injury just an hour before, and everyone traveled to the hospital via ambulance. KK said it was scary for awhile, but that everything seemed fine now, although she needed help with her older boys. What an understatement! I discovered several hours later that, for a short time, the life flight helicopter was en route, but the paramedics decided it could turn back once they assessed little M&M further.

So there my sister sat, nine months pregnant, with an injured two year old, and her older boys Snickers and 100 Grand in tow ... all of them waiting in an ER room for test results. I, of course, went into a bit of shock and didn't react to the situation for the first couple of minutes. I continued giving my daily report to Ring until I thought, 'what the heck am I doing?!? I have to get there, NOW!' He must have thought I was crazy to be discussing lunch at a time like that!

Oh ... my ... gosh! I whipped up a PB&J sandwich in less than a minute while the Tongginator put on her shoes and coat. We got out of the door and into the car in record time. I rushed to the ER while the Tongginator downed her make-shift dinner in the backseat. (As an aside, I must apologize to everyone who drove on the highway between our house and the hospital near our local mall during Monday night's rush hour).

I thank God that He provided us a parking space ... one car left the lot just as we pulled in. I grabbed Piglet from the backseat and carried her into the ER. I was in such a tizzy, I didn't even notice that we dropped her beloved stuffed animal Doggy outside in the parking lot. I must have looked like a crazy woman because one of the patient advocates came up to me immediately and asked, "Is your daughter okay? Do you need a doctor immediately?" He ushered me in front of two other people waiting in line. I replied, "No, but my sister called upset and said that her two-year-old had a head injury. They arrived in an ambulance. My sister is nine months pregnant and has two other children in tow. I don't know what to do or how bad it is."

The patient advocate did a phenomenal job. I must say that he really acted as the hands and feet of Jesus during the next hour. He took me to see everyone very quickly, and ensured that we all had everything we needed ... especially my sister, who really does look like she could go into labor at any minute. I felt shocked to see little M&M, who is barely two AND tiny for her age, strapped to a board, with towels on either side of her little head and first aid tape wrapped around her head, with her hair plastered under it.

Once KK's husband Big League Chew (BLC) arrived, we kissed M&M goodbye and I took the Tongginator, Snickers and 100 Grand back to my house. On the way back to the car, we discovered Doggy sitting forlornly in a patch of grass on the median. After a drive home that took a bit longer than the drive there, we ate some dinner and waited for more news. M&M definitely looked better than she had on arrival, but the doctors wanted to run a few more tests to be sure. They chose to be so cautious because M&M appeared to have slipped into unconsciousness a couple of times during the ride to the hospital.

After the test results came back, we discovered that all that happened was a concussion. The hospital released M&M, and the family took her home. She definitely hurt for a couple of days, but it could have been so much worse. So today, during my weekly Thankful Thursday, I want to praise God for His mercies both large and small on February 4.

And ... I know this is slightly tacky to mention ... but I just wanted to point out ... I surely selected an appropriate blog nickname for the little mite -- M&M must have a hard candy shell!


Special K said...

OMG! That's scary. Glad to know everyone is okay.