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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Love of Her Life

I must admit to a horrible truth. I feel jealous of an inanimate object. In my defense, my daughter does not believe Doggy is inanimate. The Tongginator believes Doggy can talk, cry and laugh, right alongside the rest of us.

Her love affair with Doggy began at 15 months of age, just a little before we snapped this photograph. An amazing 13-year-old, K-Girl, purchased Doggy with her own money and gifted him to the Tongginator. Our Piglet fell instantly in love, with both Doggy AND K-Girl, the bringer of Doggy. K-Girl moved to Japan well before our daughter turned three, and the Tongginator STILL talks about her.

I know I should feel more secure in my role as Momma. Yet I still secretly pout at times. I wish I could erase the Tongginator's tears ... without Doggy's help. I wish I could hear all of her secrets ... without having to eavesdrop. And I wish she willingly cuddled with me as much as she cuddles with Doggy.

There is a down-side to being Doggy, however, because Doggy bears the brunt of the Tongginator's sensory issues. She obsessively smells him, especially when she first wakes up or is in need of comforting. She squeezes him much too tightly, and she repeatedly rubs his nose for no apparent reason. She stretches him, pulls him, and drags him around by the ear. She also sings to him ... the same songs over and over and over.

I never worry about losing Doggy. The Tongginator doesn't know, but Doggy is a sextuplet. His doppelgangers live high in our bedroom closest until they are needed. We regularly rotate Doggy in order to contain the smell which emanates from him. The Tongginator believes Doggy can take a bath and completely dry in less than five minutes. I'm not sure if this makes me a very smart parent ... or a liar.


bugs parents said...

I say - very smart parent! Likewise, we have 3 giraffe friends for Elizabeth. She also thinks they wash and dry instantly. I'll tell you the story sometime of a giraffe lost in China! Very thankful he had a friend that day!

Special K said...

I've taken this advice from other BTDT parents and purchased 3 little penguin stuffed beanie toys. I just hope that she chooses that one to be her "security blanket". It will be the first thing I give her in China.

Janet said...

DEFINITELY a good idea to have a few "Doggies". VERY SMART!!!!!

Chris & Deb said...

So sweet....I think I told you that we have 3 of pup.....Sophie still loves him dearly, however, he now has a new friend, Pluto, to complete with! :) They are all 3 sleeping side by side tonight!