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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Long Distance Friends

This past decade, my husband and I learned a terrible truth about ourselves. We are such annoying friends, people tend to move out-of-state to get away from us. It's happened more times than not these past ten years, and always with members of our small group Bible study. These are the people to whom we grow closest, and it devastates us each and every time we have to say good-bye. (Remember my earlier post about our lack of participation in a small group? This is a major reason why.)

Below I list a few of our long-distance friends, who found us so difficult to deal with, they ran away. I know many of them read this blog, although they'd never comment. I'm wondering if this post might change that fact.

Our friends Anne and Bob, with their children Graeme and Maisie, live in upstate New York, just a bit aways from the Canadian border. Bob is currently building their log cabin, with no help except for occasional assistance from a few relatives and friends. Bob actually lived with us for about six months several years ago. He ran away so fast, he left clouds of dust. Must have been my slightly OCD personality that drove him away.

Organic Nerd (AKA Alison) and Jason oved to Pennsylvania and subsequently produced two children. We felt the loss of their move in a big, big way because they were our Canasta buddies. When we discovered they found new Canasta partners in their small town, I must confess I felt as if they were committing adultery. It's taken me a bit of time to get over that deep sense of betrayal. :)

Lizard and Terrapin still live in our same state, although several counties away now. It's such a trek to see them, we get together only a couple of times a year. They own their own business, which consumes much of their lives, although - despite their heavy work responsibilities - they still maintain a small bit of the pick-up-and-go lifestyle possible when you don't have children.

Georgia Peach and Big Apple received their blog nicknames because of their home states: Georgia and New York, respectively. (Georgia Peach should not be confused with Peaches, who is a twin sister of Cream.) Georgia Peach and Big Apple became pregnant soon after they joined our small group. Once little Papple entered the world, they hightailed it back to the state of Georgia to be near the new grandparents. Little Papple was the first girl born in over 100 years on her daddy's side of the family.

Red and Firefighter remain in our state, but they moved as close to the state border as possible. They've since birthed three children and obtained one very large fur-baby, so we rarely see them anymore. Their children are our godchildren, and boy do we stink as godparents. I love the children dearly, as they are the cutest things ever (except for the Tongginator and her cousins, of course), but -- wow -- do we rarely ever see them.

Then there is Spiderman, the web guy, and his Mary Jane. Spiderman helped us set up our adoption website so long ago, before the Tongginator arrived home. They now live in a state that borders ours, but we still hardly ever see them. Thankfully, we hear "their news" regularly through the grapevine, as we are close with Mary Jane's aunt, who lives 10 minutes from us.

To all of the above mentioned people, Husband and I have to ask ... Do we smell?


Blue said...

TM, you are crazy! First of all, Paul Bunyan STILL (four years later) talks about how great it was living in your basement! He often actually SIGHS and looks wistful when recounting the times chatting and drinking coffee with you and playing video games with the Husband. Only the lure of the North Country and logs could have ripped him away from his idyllic days under your roof. (and his wife, who couldn't handle being a single parent 12 hours away)
Second of all... hey -- do you have a minute? perhaps I need a blog of my own!.... =) I have always considered the fact that You Two are stable and settled to be a gift from God, pure and simple, to the many friends who have come and gone from that neck of the woods. In such a transient area, with young professionals breezing in and out like it's cool, your ongoing presence there is like a bulwark. (Uh-oh -- I feel a hymn coming on. Be back in a jiffy).

Seriously though, since you mention the odd fact that good friends keep coming into your lives and then promptly moving away, it got me thinking. And it seems to me that yous (North Country for y'all) are like the vital 'senders' of missionaries. You can't have someone sent out to the world if you don't have folk to send them. Paul B. and I continue to be blessed by the time we spent in close proximity to you. It hurts to go, but it would hurt us more to not have had the time with you in the first place.

And if Paul B. doesn't start to clear his dirty dishes, I'm sending him BACK to stay at your place for awhile!! =)