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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Little Things This Week

Feeling grateful for the little things this week:

gorgeous weather and great friends, which made Monday morning's trip to the playground oh-so-much fun ... much thanks to the Blue Fairy and SongOfSixpence for helping me control my gaggle of children at the park

on Tuesday night, during dinner, the Tongginator announced to me, "Momma, I'm so glad we're good friends"

we received our tax return this week ... and it was a GREAT one!!!!

remember my dolphin and shark post? ... well, I found it difficult to become a dolphin, no matter how hard I tried, so the Husband contacted the facilities manager at the pool and ironed out the situation ... cooler heads always prevail, and I appreciate that he stepped in to do what I could not ... I'm now allowed to remain at a distance in the pool area while my three-year-old enjoys her remaining swim lessons, instead of having to go to a different floor of the building ... in this situation, I either needed "to win" or I was yanking the Tongginator out of that class, since they didn't advertise that rule from the start ... and I'm really thankful God paired me up with the Husband, so that he can be a dolphin when I can't seem to control my "sharkiness"

I now have a T-Mobile account, and I really enjoy occasionally working in a bustling coffee shop rather than in the quiet of our home ... I tend to stop in at our local coffee shop after dropping off the Tongginator, Pocket and Posies at preschool

we found out this week that the Husband and I will go on a FREE trip to New Orleans for a long weekend in March ... it's a work perk from the Husband's company: the company affectionately known (in our household) as the Borg ... Momma Wolfie already agreed to watch the Tongginator, so we are counting the days

the Husband and I really enjoyed watching the lunar eclipse on Wednesday night ... how beautiful a view ... and how much it reminds us of how small we really are