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Monday, February 18, 2008

The House Meme

I don't talk about my home much because there isn't much to say. I love our home, but I would be happy pretty much anywhere. Moving 20 times before age 30 does give you a portable sense of contentment. However, someone tagged me, so without further ado, the house meme:

When you walk in your front door, which room do you enter?
The living room is on the left, to the right are the stairs leading upwards, and the hallway ends in the kitchen/ family room.

Do you have a dishwasher?
Yes, his name is Husband. We also have an automatic dishwasher, which the Husband loads and unloads with gratifying frequency. (What a guy!)

Is your living room carpeted or does it have hardwood floors?
Carpeted; we'd like hardwood floors someday.

House, apartment, duplex or trailer?

15 year old house in suburbia. I never thought I'd live in Mayfield. (I really don't, not literally, but some days it feels like it in the figurative sense.)

How many bedrooms is it?

Gas stove or electric?
(Sigh.) Electric.

Do you have a yard?
Yes, with a monster garden that we inherited from the previous owners. The first woman that lived in this house was a Martha Stewart clone, with tremendous decorating skills and a neon green thumb. It's too difficult to live up to her reputation, so now I don't even try. I did the first two years - whew! was that a lot of work. Now I'm more lazy ... I mean mature.

What size TV is in the living or family room?

Brand-new and much, much smaller than our last television, which was a monster 62-inch rear projection TV we obtained way back in the 1990's, when they still cost thousands and thousands of dollars. The Husband won it through a work contest, so it came "free," although we did have to pay $500 in taxes for it. Our new TV is much better (by this I mean smaller)!

Are your plates in the same cupboard as your cups?
Nope; our plates sit just above the automatic dishwasher, next to the sink. I love to throw everyone off by placing my cups near the refrigerator instead of the sink. Guests can never find them. I like them near the freezer so I can add ice to my glass first thing.

Is there a coffee maker sitting on your kitchen counter?
Absolutely, along with a grinder and a French press when I really want to spoil myself. I am not typically human unless caffeine courses through my veins.

What room is your computer in?
Every room in the house - it's a laptop with wireless - although typically it sits in the dining room. The Husband has at least four more computers lying around, some in various states of disrepair, as well as his work laptop. Most of his PCs are located in the basement office.

Are there pictures hanging in your living room?
Absolutely: two Chinese paper-cuts, a watercolor, a Native American pencil drawing of a wolf, and two framed maps, one of the Pacific Northwest and one of the low country in South Carolina. We love artwork, although we tend to frame unusual items as well, including Chinese stamps, a playbill from a performance I acted in as a child, and calligraphy.

Are there any themes found in your home?
We have a rubber duck collection in our bathroom. (More on that in a later post.) We also have a bedroom totally dedicated to pandas, mostly because I can finally admit I bought too many of the darn things during our wait to adopt. The room is called ... wait for it ... the Panda Room. Are we original, or what?

What kind of laundry detergent do you use?
All Free and Clear. It's the only one that doesn't cause the Tongginator's eczema to break out.

Do you use dryer sheets?
No! See above.

Curtains in your home?
In almost every room. My MIL taught me how to sew during one of her visits here. We were quite productive, hanging curtains in all of the main-floor rooms. Also, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs. Fish for razing the Husband about the lack of curtains hanging in the Panda Room. (They actually leaned against the wall.) Within 24 hours ... you guessed it! Proof shown on the right:

Is your house clean?
Yes, but I do have a deep, dark secret. We've hired a cleaning woman who comes every other week. As a stay-at-home mom, this is one of my guilty confessions.

What room is the most neglected?
Toss a coin between the Husband's office, which is a rat's nest, and the garage, where we have yet to park a vehicle, even during snowstorms. Husband does reluctantly admit to hoarding - both emotional hoarding and the "but I might need it someday" hoarding.

Are the dishes in your sink/dishwasher clean or dirty?
Actively being cleaned at this very moment by that lovely invention the automatic dishwasher.

How long have you lived in your home?
It will be five years this spring.

Where did you live before?
A two-bedroom condo the next town over. Prior to meeting the Husband, I also lived in the following places, listed in alphabetical order: Arizona, California, Florida, Hawaii, Japan, Maryland, Mississippi, New Jersey, North Carolina, Rhode Island, South Carolina and Virginia.

Do you have one of those fluffy toilet lid covers on your toilet?
I'm embarrassed to say that yes, we do.

Do you have a scale anywhere in your house?
Yes, in our bathroom, but the Husband and I rarely ever use it. The Tongginator, however, stands on it every day and loudly proclaims, "thirty-three, pounds! Right, Momma?"

How many mirrors are in your house?
Our house is rather dark, so we have lots of mirrors on opposite-facing walls from windows. So ... I'd say nine. Ten if you include the Lamaze Baby's First mirror in our toy bin. Four in the four bathrooms; one in our bedroom; three hanging on the first floor to help combat the darkness; and one downstairs in the playroom, hung at the Tongginator's eye level so that she can see herself in dress-up clothes. What's so funny is that I hardly ever look in the mirror. Seriously, I hardly ever do. You'd agree if you saw me face-to-face.

Look up. What do you see?
Our dining room chandelier. Man, it's ugly. We definitely need a new one, but I hate to shop, so it will probably hang there until the Tongginator graduates from high school. On the plus side, I also see two Chinese lanterns that I hung in honor of Chinese New Year.

Do you have a garage?
Structurally? Yes. Functionally? No. Wait ... it does have a function ... as the Husband's landfill. Hee-hee.