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Monday, February 4, 2008

A Cookie Sheet, a Plastic Bowl and a Flashlight

This past week, the Tongginator became heavily involved in her dramatic play. She puttered happily in the basement while I sat at my computer upstairs, trolling China Adopt Talk (AKA CAT or the Rumor Queen Forum). I felt slightly guilty about ignoring my daughter, but at the same time I told myself it's good to encourage independent play. Ha! Excuses, excuses.

The first time the Tongginator trudged upstairs, she asked me for a cookie sheet. Deciding that she couldn't enact too much damage on aluminum cookware, I acquiesced. About fifteen minutes later, she asked me for a plastic bowl. Again, I agreed. How much damage could a three-year-old do with plastic? The third time, she smiled prettily and conned me out of a flashlight. I started to feel a bit curious, but of course it WAS the last week of the month, and rumors were flying about the next referral cut-off date. I became engrossed in a thread and, before I knew it, thirty additional minutes flew by.

Once I came up for air, I grew slightly uneasy. It sounded VERY quiet in the basement. I slowly walked downstairs, repeatedly telling myself that I deserved whatever I got. As I turned the corner, I braced myself ... then heaved a huge sigh of relief.

My little Tongginator actually acted like a Tonggu Angel while I goofed off upstairs. But I still couldn't figure out exactly what she reenacted. In addition to the cookie sheet, the plastic bowl and the flashlight, she also had near her: a pair of clog shoes, a set of keys, a large tote bag and some old library cards. I watched as she dropped the old library cards in the plastic bowl alongside her keys. She also removed her clog shoes and dropped them in the bowl. She placed the bowl on the cookie sheet, then dropped the tote bag next to the bowl, and slid them all along the ottoman until she reached the edge. Afterwards, she spread her arms wide and shined the flashlight on her hands and body.

Can you figure out what she role-played? Perhaps I'm thick in the head, but I couldn't. When she looked up at me, with a huge grin, I couldn't help but chuckle. I asked, "Piglet, what are you doing?" She looked at me as if I wasn't too bright and responded, "Momma, I'm playing Security." I dumbly repeated, "Security?" And she beamed and said, "Yes, I'm getting ready to get on the airplane."

I guess we live in a new era.


Janet said...

Are you kidding me? That is AMAZING! Too bad you didn't get it on video! You're SO right, we live in a different world!

Special K said...

That's a cute story.