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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Children's Museum

We visited a local children's museum today with our friends Brit and Yankee, and their two daughters Doodle and Dandy. We used to be next-door neighbors to Brit and Yankee, during our newlywed, pre-children, still-have- exciting-lives phase. All three girls most enjoyed the pretend medical office, complete with dentist chair, and the costume room, which contained everything from Mardi Gras masks to princess hats to traditional Chinese qi pao (dresses). Yankee performed double-duty, helping both Doodle and the Tongginator in and out of their many outfits, while Tonggu Momma goofed off snapping photographs.

The girls also spent quite a bit of time looking at the animals in the Reptile Room. We watched the fish, sharks and hermit crabs. We touched turtles and numerous types of lizards. The Tongginator even pet an albino corn snake, although she didn't feel quite brave enough to hold it.

In the construction area, Tonggu Momma spelled out the Tongginator's real name using alphabet blocks. I called her over and asked her to tell me what they spelled. She read it, grinned, shot me a mischievous look and said, "Princess." What a little stinker! :)