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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cesspool Diaper Changes

Public bathrooms in China can be interesting, to say the least. Think of the worst gas station bathroom you ever had the misfortune to visit, subtract toilet paper, add several shoe prints to the toilet seat, and, well, that's an image and odor sure to induce nightmares.

So how do you change a baby's diaper in a place like that? I encountered this challenge on day four of first-time motherhood. Changing pads definitely don't cover enough territory, if you know what I mean. After a ton of head scratching, I discovered a trick that works for me.

Before traveling or day tripping, stop by and purchase a cheap shower curtain liner. Cut it down to a manageable size, fold it and add it to your diaper bag. When the time comes to change your baby in an airplane bathroom, the public restrooms at the zoo, or some other gag-worthy location, simply lay down the shower curtain liner BEFORE you unfold the changing pad.

It's cheap and it offers more coverage than a changing pad. Works For Me! To check out more WFMW ideas, check out Rocks in My Dryer.


Edi said...

I'm past the stage of changing baby diapers in all manner of places - but I remember how it was.

Great idea! You can buy liners at the dollar store for a $1 so you don't even have to feel bad about throwing it away afterwards.

And you don't need to go to China to find filthy gas station bathrooms! Traveling w/young kids means stopping at places you'd rather not when someone can't wait til the next McDonalds or nice gas station.

I repeatedly have "bad dreams" about needing to find a clean restroom and they are all bad or very public :)

Lady Why said...

That is a great tip!! I agree about those tiny changing pads!

Nichole said...

Great idea! The title of your post cracked me up, too. :)

LeeAnn (AKA Frazzmom) said...

I don't even have little ones anymore, but I HAD to check out your post with it's great title!

This is a great tip- wish I had thought of it when my kids (now teenagers!) were little...

jennifer said...

You're talkin'! Fabulous tip, and I hear you on the nightmare bathrooms - I've been in a few and have sometimes actually changed the baby over my knee because conditions were so poor! Thanks for visiting my WFM...