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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Most Thursday I plan to post a few reasons I feel thankful each week. I've found that an attitude of gratitude really shapes how one views the world and, more importantly, how one views God.


My heart is filled with gratitude that God has seen fit to bless me with so many wonderful friends. It amazes me how God places people in our lives for different reasons, in different seasons. Right now I feel especially blessed to know the Fish family, especially Mrs. Fish, wife of OneFish, and momma to TwoFish, RedFish and BlueFish. We met OneFish and Mrs. Fish in the Detroit Airport on February 24, 2005 ... the day we traveled to China to meet both of our Tonggu daughters. (The Tongginator and RedFish were found on the same day, only blocks from one another.) Mrs. Fish is such an encourager. I'm never surprised to sift through the mail and find a note from her. Her words always fill my heart with warmth.

The Tongginator's favorite phrase this week is, "Momma, you're my best customer." She's told me several times in the past few months that, when she grows up, she either wants to be a professional shopper or a doot-doot girl. For those of you unfamiliar with the job description of a doot-doot girl, that would be a cashier at a grocery store ... think about it for a minute ... (now I'm pausing for you to finish chuckling). These are the moments I cherish because I expect this will be a story told around the holiday dinner table in decades to come. Thank you, God, for allowing me to be our Tongginator's "best customer."

Two years ago today, my little niece M&M entered the world. She is a joy to everyone, most especially me, as she is the first person (outside of Husband and the Tongginator) who truly believes that I am a Rock Star.

I'm also thankful that my sister, KK, is expecting her fourth child. Just for future reference, KK is short for Kit Kat. KK is married to Big League Chew (BLC) and her children, from eldest to youngest, are: Snickers, 100 Grand and the above-mentioned M&M. No definite name yet for the soon-to-arrive fourth child, but I'm leaning towards Baby Ruth.

As for the little things this week: hot coffee on a snowy day ... my new Christmas robe, which is very cozy ... an extra "family day" since Husband was off work on Monday ... my friend and neighbor "Rosie," also known as Mom2P&P, is feeling a bit better this week - praise the Lord ... and the Tongginator's Tuesday evening prayer asking Jesus to help her become "more disrespectful" -- I'm hopeful the little Piglet meant respectful, but I figure that Jesus has got my back regardless.