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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Red Thread Travel Mates

Our social worker forwarded along a link to "Fortune's Sisters," an article in the January 6, 2008 City section of The New York Times.

This story resonates so much with me, as I think back to our wonderful travel group of four other Tonggu Families. We've had three reunions in three years, and we hope to continue these connections for decades to come. It's wonderful to hear of other Red Thread families making this same effort, although the families mentioned in the article are fortunate to all live in the same city.

Our travel group is spread out from eastern Pennsylvania to South Dakota. As the years pass -- we are approaching our three year anniversary -- I've found the red thread does stretch a bit, but the connection remains. We are especially close to the Fish family (a pseudonym, as always), who we feel are our closest friends, our pick-up-and-go travelmates, our family.