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Monday, January 28, 2008

People I Mention Often

I try to keep a running record of ALL of the nicknames I use, but this list includes the Stars in Our Lives.


The Tongginator:
sometimes referred to as Piglet, Chunky Monkey, Doodlebug, Honey Bear or Hot Stuff

The Husband: sometimes referred to as Tonggu Daddy or Mr. Wonderful

Tonggu Grammy
and the Colonel: my parents (sometimes the Colonel will be referred to as Grandfather)

The Candy Family: includes my sister Kit Kat (KK), brother-in-law Big League Chew (BLC), nephews Snickers (age 12) and 100 Grand (age 10), niece M&M (age 4) and infant Baby Ruth (born in March 2008).


The Anything Family: a China-adoptive family; includes my best bud Canuck K and her husband Iowa, and six-year-old twins Cinnamon and Spice, who are the Tongginator's "bestest friends"

The Fish Family: our China adoption travelmates who became our family; they live within driving distance of us; includes Mrs. Fish and OneFish, and their daughters TwoFish (age 10), RedFish (age 5) and BlueFish (age 3) ... Red Fish is also a Tonggu girl


ShanghaiSweetie and BeijingBoy: our Mandarin class teachers (yes, I take Mandarin, too!)

SapphireBlue, NavyBlue and HanBlue: SapphireBlue is a China-adoptive mom who takes Mandarin with me; her daughter HanBlue is her pre-teen daughter -- the Tongginator adores her; NavyBlue is the husband/father of those two

Ms. Confetti
: the Tongginator's kindergarten teacher

Zee: the Tongginator's "boyfriend" (yes ... *sigh* ... I know)


The Ashes Family: includes dad Ring and seven-year-old twins Pocket and Posies... their wife and mother Rosie passed away in the fall of 2008

The Finding Nemo Family: a Chinese-American family with one biological daughter and one daughter adopted from China; includes mom Dory, dad Marlin, daughter Fin (age 10) and Nemo (age 5)

The ColorMeRed Family:
includes dad Pepper and mom Apple, daughters Cherry (age 14) and Raspberry (age 9), and son Tomato (age 12)